Barcarena and Abaetetuba Toxic Waste Pollution


Environmental Protection BARCARENA AND ABAETETUBA TOXIC WASTE POLLUTION Riverside communities in Barcarena have been enduring the negative effects of pollution caused by aluminium mining for many years. Now, the affected population are forcing accountability on the European multinationals that are profiting from the pollution. Around 11,000 families from the Brazilian state of Pará are seeking […]

Maceió Salt Mine Damage

Maceio Salt Mine

Environmental Protection MACEIÓ SALT MINE DAMAGE In 2018, cracks, sinkholes and earthquakes linked to rock-salt mining activities caused huge damage to streets, houses and buildings in several neighbourhoods in Maceió, the capital of the State of Alagoas in northeast Brazil. Since tremors connected with the salt-mining activities started in the area, residents of the Maceió […]

Brumadinho Dam Disaster


Environmental Protection BRUMADINHO DAM DISASTER After the Mariana dam disaster in 2015, officials vowed ‘never again’. However, just 3 years later in January 2019, a mining disaster struck once again, this time causing even greater loss to human life as part of the Brumadinho dam disaster. Nearly 300 people died when a tailings dam collapsed in Brumadinho, […]

Mariana Dam Disaster

Mariana Dam

Environmental Protection MARIANA DAM DISASTER The worst environmental disaster in Brazil’s history has triggered one of the biggest legal claims ever filed in a British court: the Mariana dam disaster claim.  On 5 November 2015, the Fundão tailings dam collapsed in Minas Gerais, Brazil, unleashing approximately 40 million cubic metres of toxic waste, resulting in one […]