Scotland’s Audiology Services are failing children
Scotland’s audiology services are failing children
In December 2021, an Independent Review report revealed systemic failings within the Paediatric Audiology Service at NHS Lothian.   The British Academy...
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Further investigations of maternity care failings in the UK
NHS England has ordered an independent review of Nottingham University Hospital regarding its alleged failings in maternity care, according to a recent...
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McDonalds legal action
McDonald's workers speak out over sexual abuse claims 
Allegations have been made this week by staff at outlets of the fast-food chain McDonald's surrounding sexual abuse, harassment, racism and bullying.
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Paediatric audiology
NHS failures in paediatric audiology 
Significant concerns continue to be raised about the identification and support of deaf children within the National Health Service's paediatric audiology...
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NHS England publishes new guidance for Gender Incongruence treatment centres
On 9 June 2023 NHS England published an interim service specification which outlines the aims of Gender Incongruence treatment services and the clinical...
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