Kendamil baby formula investigation 

November 2, 2023

Parents’ concerns about babies becoming ill after baby formula maker Kendamil changed its ingredients are confirmed in a Pogust Goodhead investigation.

Many parents will remember the stress and concern of empty shelves as the baby formula shortage in June of 2022 gripped the US. As part of the response, a UK-based manufacturer of infant and toddler formula called Kendamil was granted permission to ship their product into the United States without full FDA approval.   

When they began shipping to the US, Kendamil sent a product that was identical to that sold in the UK, but around May of 2023 Kendamil changed the labels on their infant formula.   

After that repackaging, concerned parents raised serious concerns about infants suffering from digestive issues including severe diarrhea, upset stomach, and vomiting, and questioned whether the ingredients were changed.    

In response to the complaints, Kendamil and their distributors published responses claiming that the formulation of the product had not changed since its introduction to the US market and was still the same formula as sold in the UK – however, Pogust Goodhead found this wasn’t true.

Changes made to Kendamil formula

We believe that this was a misrepresentation and that changes were made to the formula in or about May of 2023. Parents continued to raise the alarm as their babies got sick, but Kendamil repeatedly represented across their social media channels that product formulations were not changed.   

Which Kendamil products were affected?    

If you purchased Kendamil Organic First Infant Milk or Kendamil Infant Formula in California after May 22, 2023, you may have been misled into believing that the product you purchased was the same as the one originally sold in the US and the product sold in the United Kingdom.   

Where were the affected Kendamil products sold? 

Kendamil was sold through major following retailers throughout the United States both online and in stores including:

      • Target
      • Walmart
      • Ralphs
      • Food 4 Less
      • Fred Meyers  

    Pogust Goodhead Kendamil investigation

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