The Kugel Mesh Hernia Patch was designed to speed up the recovery of patients who had undergone abdominal surgery and to prevent the development of hernias. Instead serious complications have been experienced and the hernia mesh patch recalled.

Instead, the Patch has frequently failed to work properly, causing significant pain and other serious complications, including perforated bowels, chronic intestinal fistulae (an irregular connection between the intestines and other organs), internal bleeding, infection, and death in patients in whom it was implanted. As a result of these complications, Davol, the manufacturer, has initiated multiple recalls of the defective patches, covering many sizes and shapes of patches.

Although the Kugel Mesh Hernia Patch has been recalled, patients in whom the patches were implanted are still at risk for injury.

The defective patches contain memory recoil rings that could be on the brink of breakage. In fact, when the initial recall was announced, doctors had to balance the risks of removing the patch against the risks of leaving it in the patient and taking a chance that the ring might break and cause serious injury. In many cases, the risk of removing the patch outweighed the possibility of patch failure, but that still leaves many patients in danger that the Patch will fail.

At Pogust Goodhead, we understand our clients’ concerns, and represent patients and their families who have lawsuits against companies whose medical devices, such as the Kugel Mesh Hernia Patch, are or may be defective. If you or a loved one has had a Kugel Mesh Hernia Patch implanted during abdominal surgery, and experienced any complications, you should immediately call the attorneys at PGMBM. If you have had a Patch implanted during surgery, regardless of whether you have suffered an injury, you should also call the attorneys at PGMBM, whose primary goal is protecting our clients. We will evaluate your situation and determine if you have a case, explain all of your options, and work to assure that the appropriate parties are held responsible for the injuries or deaths resulting from the Patch.

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury or death as the result of a Hernia Patch, you should immediately contact the attorneys at PGMBM, where Protecting Consumers Is Our Primary Goal.

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Pogust Goodhead (a trading name of PGMBM Law Ltd)

SRA License Number 512898

PGMBM (a trading name of PGMBM Law Ltd)

SRA License Number 512898

Pogust Goodhead is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and complies with the Solicitors Code of Conduct, a copy of which can be located here.


Micaela graduated from the University of Lima in Peru and holds an LL.M. from Cornell University where she received honours in Human Rights, Arbitration, Foreign Direct Investment, and Law and Genocide.

Micaela’s practice focuses on advising corporate clients as well as sovereign states in investment and commercial disputes. Micaela has extensive experience in proceedings conducted under the arbitration rules of the ICSID, UNCITRAL, and ICC. She has also acted in several arbitration proceedings administered by the Peruvian Chamber of Commerce. She has advised clients in a variety of different sectors including oil & gas, mining, banking, construction, insurance, and pharmaceuticals, among others.

Before joining Pogust Goodhead London office, Micaela was an associate at one of the most renowned law firms in International Arbitration in Madrid, Spain, B. Cremades & Asociados. Prior to that, Micaela served as an arbitral secretary in the Lima Chamber of Commerce, where she managed several cases involving Peruvian government entities and State-owned enterprises.

Micaela is admitted as a Solicitor in England and Wales and as a Lawyer in Peru. She is fluent in Spanish and English.


Asirah graduated from Queen Mary University of London in 2020 with a First Class Honours degree in Law. 

During university, Asirah gained extensive client-facing experience. She advised clients in the areas of employment law and consumer law at the Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre, as well as volunteered in legal aid clinics across London and in Singapore. 

After graduating, Asirah joined Pogust Goodhead as a paralegal. By working on cases against major corporations, she hopes to expand upon her interest in commercial and consumer law. 


Nikki graduated with a LLB Law Degree from the University of Westminster in 2019. Upon completing her LLM and LPC from the University of Law focusing on Commercial Law and Litigation, Nikki joined PGMBM for further specialism in international litigation.   

Passionate about justice, Nikki has extensive experience in many aspects of pro-bono work and has dealt with issues relating to employment, family, wills and probate as well as housing and immigration. Through this work she has helped provide legal assistance to individuals who would not otherwise be able to afford legal advice or ongoing assistance. Her Master’s thesis explored the need for introduction of legal reforms to address the current challenges relating to the rights of individuals entering surrogacy agreements.    

She is passionate about ensuring corporate liability for environmental harm and social responsibility in defence of individual rights.  

Nikki is currently supporting the firm’s investigations into a Group Litigation against Mercedes Benz regarding the emissions scandal. 


Before turning to law, Rai first graduated from UCL with a degree in Classics. He subsequently obtained his LLM and BPTC from BPP in London. 

In his legal dissertation, Rai focussed on property law, particularly the disparity between the powers of landlords and tenants. In his spare time, Rai has worked pro-bono for legal clinics in London offering debt and insolvency advice.

Rai is also a keen debater and public speaker, having been President of the Conservative Society in his final year at UCL, and later a member of the BPP Mooting Society.   


Ves completed her degree of European Legal Studies LLB at The University of Westminster. She plans to undertake her LPC/SQE in the near future.  

During her studies, Ves paid special attention to family law as this piqued her interest. Her dissertation focused on the patriarchal beliefs of the traditional nuclear family and its effect on the laws of adoption and surrogacy in the UK and Italy. Ves aims to specialise in family law in the future. 

Whilst at Pogust Goodhead, Ves has worked on a range of cases such as the Uber Drivers Compensation Claim, Mercedes Emissions Claim and British Airways. This has showcased Ves’ ability to work on a multitude of cases whilst maintaining her excellent client care service. 

Client Care Administrator

After completing her qualifications and leaving school Elyse began her career in customer service. Elyse gained a wealth of experience and decided to take a different career path and pursued a role within in a legal firm.  

Since joining PGMBM she has found a new career interest and is excited for her future in law. Elyse is looking forward to broadening her knowledge within this sector.  

Elyse is dedicated to follow her career goals whilst making clients her top priority, by providing support, information and listening to their needs.  

Elyse uses her excellent client abilities to connect with them whilst providing the law and legal work that they require. 


Selina graduated with a degree in LLB Law in 2018 before completing her LPC LLM at the University of Law in 2020 with a Distinction.  

Whilst studying at university, Selina worked with witness service and Citizen’s advice bureau. Here, Selina provided practical and emotional support for individuals throughout their trial.  

Selina has a passion for finding justice and holding transnational corporations accountable for their actions.  

Selina joined PGMBM in 2021 and wishes to develop her commercial litigation skills. Selina has worked on high profile group action claims against Mercedes-Benz, Uber and British Airways. Selina hopes to qualify as a solicitor in the future and is interested in Corporate and Intellectual Property law. 

Client Services Quality Co-ordinator

Tahmina graduated from the University of Westminster with a degree in Law. She has recently completed her LPC with a Master’s in LLM Law at the University of Law.  

She joined Pogust Goodhead in 2021 after completing her LPC and is based in the London Office.  

She has extensive experience in pro-bono work with the Westminster Law Clinic dealing with client claims including Employment law, Commercial Law and Immigration Law. She helped individuals with no access to legal services and offered guidance to those who needed help, which is one of Tahmina’s core values as a legal professional. 


Maya holds an LLB from Anglia Ruskin University and is fluent in both English and Italian. 

Whilst at university, Maya undertook Pro Bono work at a free housing clinic in London. Her role was to help people with legal advice, for issues regarding Housing Law. She is currently working on one of PGMBM’s major cases, the Mercedes Benz Emissions case. 

Maya is currently studying the LPC at BPP Law School, with the long term goal of specialising as a wills and probate solicitor. 


Olivia graduated from Leeds College of Music with a BA in Classical Voice in 2018, followed by the accelerated LLB at City University of London in 2020. 

During university, Olivia excelled in international economic law, receiving the Allen & Overy prize for gaining top marks. She also assisted her criminal law lecturer in his research while studying, and began tutoring undergraduate law one year into her degree. As one of the most active members of City Students’ Union, she was on the executive committee for the Canadian and American Law Society, the Pro Bono Society, and the Bee Society; while representing the Law School on the Student Council and acting as the Academic Representative of the Societies’ Board. In those capacities, she organised legal events such as the Music and Media Law Panel Discussion, which featured a Vice President of Universal Music as a guest speaker, and gave talks on social issues such as the gender pay gap. She also gained much experience competing in national and international mooting competitions, and has been invited to judge the internal moots at the University of Law Moorgate campus for the past two years. Olivia hopes to pursue an LLM in international economic law starting in 2021. 

Outside of law, Olivia trained as a mezzo-soprano at Leeds College of Music, where she was sponsored to study violin, having played in orchestras since 10 years old. She continues to tutors music and maths to children, and has been invited to participate in the National Tutoring Programme (a £1bn government project to cure education inequality arising from the pandemic), and now teaches maths at a local primary school alongside her work at PGMBM. She also enjoys throwing charity events, and moonlights as bank staff for the PDSA. 

Trainee Solicitor 

Helin has an LLB from the University of Kent after graduating in 2019 with first class honours. Following this, she completed an LLM in Corporate Law at University College London where she was awarded a distinction.  

During her studies, Helin developed a particular interest in areas of corporate social responsibility and environmental litigation.  

Helin joined Pogust Goodhead in August 2020 and has primarily worked on the Mercedes-Benz NOx Emissions Group Litigation, Renault Nissan NOx Emissions Group Litigation and British Airways Data Breach Group Litigation. 

Client Care Supervisor

James holds an LLB from the University of Liverpool, he focused his studies on Commercial law and Corporate practices with an ambition to qualify as an Intellectual Property solicitor. 

During his studies, James gained extensive experience shadowing barristers and solicitors. Prior to joining PGMBM, James obtained Paralegal experience in a private practice dealing with civil negligence.  

James grew up in Spain and has spent a large amount of his life living abroad. With a wealth of client facing experience, he hopes to one day to use his skills working internationally.


Salma graduated in Law from the University of Westminster in 2020 and is currently completing the Legal Practice LLM course. 

Salma has extensive experience volunteering, covering a range of matters including Family Law and Employment Law. She has also completed work for an Anti-Poverty Charity. She has a strong interest in Commercial Litigation. 

Salma is a Paralegal as part of the Client Care Team and is currently working on the Diesel Emissions Claim and Uber Claim. 


Franceska graduated from Nottingham Trent University with LLB International Law and is currently midway through her LLM Health Law and Ethics studies.  

Prior to joining PGMBM, Franceska has had a variety of legal and non-legal work experiences in various jurisdictions. The latest of which was a volunteer paralegal role at the Nottingham Legal Advice Center where she assisted citizens in need with social justice, as well as disability and welfare benefits cases.  

In her spare time, Franceska is a published writer that enjoys Thai Boxing sessions, reading and photography. 


Jessica graduated from the King’s College London with a degree in European Studies and Spanish. 

She decided to enter the legal profession upon completion of a 3-month volunteer programme in Uganda working with remote communities to develop their primary school curriculum and raising awareness of sexual health through campaigns revolved around HIV prevention and Women’s Rights. She completed the graduate diploma in law (GDL) in 2020 with distinction. 

After completing the GDL, Jessica undertook Pro Bono work at a free law clinic in London. She helped individuals with no access to legal services and offered guidance on issues of immigration, employment and family law. Jessica joined Pogust Goodhead as the firms core values of defending the rights of individuals through claimant-based litigation is aligned with her passions as a legal professional. 


Karina graduated from the University of Glasgow with a Bachelor of Laws with Spanish.  

During her studies, she volunteered for Student Action for Refugees. She helped refugees with their transition to life in Glasgow and improving their English language skills.   

Karina moved to London in 2021 to work as a paralegal at PGMBM. 


Fatema is an LLB and LLM law graduate from Middlesex University.  

With a passion for bringing justice to clients, Fatema joined Pogust Goodhead’s Client Care Team as a paralegal in 2021 as the firm’s core values of defending the rights of individuals through claimant-based litigation is aligned with her passions as a legal professional. She is currently working on the Diesel Emissions Claims and is looking forward to using her knowledge and progress further within the legal career.  

Fatema is dedicated to following her career goals whilst making clients her top priority, by providing support, information and listening to their needs. 

She will be commencing her LPC in September 2021 with the view to qualifying as a solicitor in the future. 

Fatema is fluent in Arabic, Farsi, and English. 


Kuda graduated from the University of Sheffield with an LLB degree in Law with European & International Law. As part of her degree she spent time at Sciences Po Paris. 

She has gained experience in Competition Law having worked in the Middle East and Brussels with the French law firm Bredin Prat. Kuda has dealt with Mergers & Acquisitions within the European Union and as far as COMESA. As such, she has developed an interest for emerging and developing Competition Law within African jurisdictions. 

Kuda joined Pogust Goodhead in 2021 and is currently working on the “Dieselgate” case. She is fluent in Shona as a Zimbabwean native and has learned French to an advanced level. 


Lylian graduated from Universidade Paulista in Brazil with a degree in Law. She also holds a post-graduate degree in Labour Law from the Damasio University, Brazil.   

Lylian is a Brazilian qualified lawyer in London. She has extensive experience in consulting and preventive law with public and private companies. Lylian also has extensive experience working as a counsellor and in the labour litigation field throughout Brazil. 

Outside of her work as an Associate, Lylian is engaged in numerous volunteer projects. At present, she is working in a bilateral organisation called Lex Anglo-Brasil which is committed to strengthening ties between Brazil and the UK. She is fluent in both Portuguese and English.


Ard graduated from the University of Kent with a degree in law in 2019. In 2020, Ard successfully completed his LLM/LPC at BBP University in London, Holborn. 

During his University studies, Ard took on various administrative support and customer service roles. 

Ard is passionate about providing justice to individuals facing significant injustices from large corporations. 

Since joining Pogust Goodhead, Ard has been predominantly working in the BA team, playing his part in the smooth running of the client care service. 

Client Operations Manager

Jerum graduated in 2017 from Hogeschool InHolland in The Hague, The Netherlands, with a degree in Communications. 

Jerum has been in sales & customer service in contact centre environments for over eight years in different positions, varying from Team manager, project manager, and sales manager. Besides this, he is specialised in delivering straight-to-the-point sales training, and coaching for outsourcing and face-to-face-organisations. 

Jerum joined Pogust Goodhead as a Client Care Supervisor in Putney in 2021.

Client Services Quality Co-ordinator

Shadia graduated with a LLB Law in 2020 from Brunel University. Currently, she is undertaking a masters in International Corporate Governance at The University of Law, graduating in 2021.  

Shadia has a particular interest in Intellectual property law and company law. She’s now joined the Pogust Goodhead Client Care Team.

She is planning to complete the Solicitors Qualifying Exam in 2022, in hopes to qualify as a solicitor in the near future. 


Aishah is a law graduate from the University of Westminster, having completed an Integrated Master’s in Law degree which also includes the Legal Practice Course (LPC). During her LPC she studied Commercial Law and Intellectual Property, Employment Law and Clinical Legal Practice.  

Prior to joining Pogust Goodhead, Aishah was a document review paralegal where she worked on high profile commercial cases, including a US based pharmaceutical case involving competition law and antitrust law. Aishah enjoys commercial work and intends to specialise in this area.  

Outside of her professional career, she enjoys challenging herself and taking part in new experiences. In 2018 she took part in a sponsored climb up the UK’s highest mountain, Ben Nevis in Scotland, where she reached the peak (4,413 ft) and raised over a thousand pounds. Her efforts enabled the construction of four wells across Africa and Asia, allowing access to clean water and making a life-changing difference to disadvantaged communities. 

Aishah joined Pogust Goodhead in 2021 and is working on the Mercedes diesel emissions claim.  

Client Services Complaints Lead

Luke graduated with a First Class Law degree from the University of Law, Bloomsbury, before joining PGMBM’s BA Data Breach team in 2021. 

With a background as a podcaster, musician and producer, he hopes to combine his talents and interests with law and enter the Intellectual Property and Data Protection fields. Luke is looking forward to qualifying as a solicitor in the near future. 


Rene graduated from the University of Portsmouth with an LLB Law degree in 2020, and embraced the position of Paralegal at Pogust Goodhead in 2021.  

During her final year of University, Rene volunteered for the University’s General Legal Advice Clinic once a week, where they advised clients on family and child law matters, landlords and tenant, commercial contracts and employment law. 

After securing legal internships in various practice areas, Rene has become particularly interested in Commercial & Consumer Law and Medical Law. She also hopes to obtain a training contract in the not too distant future and qualify as a solicitor. 


Faiza is a law graduate from SOAS University of London and has recently completed her LLM/LPC at BPP Law School.

She joined Pogust Goodhead in 2021 because she believes it is important to work in a company whose values correspond with those of her own.  

Her interests predominately lie in business law and corporate liability. 

Faiza is a Paralegal within the Client Care Team and is currently working on the Mercedes Diesel Emissions Claim. 


Kiera completed her undergraduate law degree at City, University of London. After completing her degree, she went on to complete her LPC LLM at the University of Law, Moorgate.  

Kiera has always had a passion for a career in law. She had undergone various work experience placements at both high street and city law firms. Kiera has been exposed to areas such as employment, commercial litigation, commercial/residential property and probate. Kiera hopes to one day qualify as a commercial solicitor.  


Lauren graduated in 2020 with an LLB from the University of Glasgow.  

After completing her undergraduate degree, Lauren undertook Pro Bono work at a Scottish Law Centre with a specialism in Disability Law. Here, she gained experience helping to promote accessible and affordable legal services for all in areas of employment law, family law, and social security.  

Since joining PGMBM as a Paralegal in the London Office, Lauren has worked predominantly on Emissions Claims against a number of major car manufacturers. Her interests lie in consumer and commercial law, and as such, she is passionate about PGMBMs mission of defending the rights of individuals against multinational corporations through group litigation. 


Rabia is a recent graduate of the LPC and LLM course from the University of Law. During her undergraduate degree at the University of Hertfordshire, she participated in client interviewing and trial advocacy and have extensive experience in this. 

During Rabia’s studies, she worked in various law firms in London to gain experience in different law fields. She also wants to specialise in Medical Law. 

Client Care Supervisor

Artiola has strong foundations and experience in family, Immigration and criminal law. She has now joined Pogust Goodhead to explore international litigation and to pursue her career as a solicitor for England and Wales.  

Artiola gained a first class honours degree in LLB law, she then went on to complete her masters and her LPC at the university of law.  

She is fluent in Albanian, Kosovan and English.  

Artiola has taken part in many prison visits and police station interviews for clients with language barriers, this has not only helped her grow but also helped the firm with our international clients.  

Artiola developed an avid interest in multi-jurisdictional matters, where she directly assisted international clients and their local counsel in the drafting and translation of legal documents. 

Assistente Jurídico – Atendimento ao Cliente

Tom se formou na Nottingham Trent University, recebendo a nota máxima em seus módulos de Direito do Trabalho e Comércio Internacional. Tom vai estudar para seu LPC em tempo parcial a partir de setembro. 

Antes de ingressar no PGMBM, Tom trabalhou como Consultor de Recrutamento para Profissionais Financeiros Sênior, contratando Diretores Financeiros e Controladores Financeiros para empresas multimilionárias. Tom também trabalhou como arrecadador de fundos de porta em porta, arrecadando mais de £ 200.000 para instituições de caridade respeitadas. Ele está procurando utilizar sua experiência em vendas para iniciar sua carreira como advogado. 


Simran graduated from the University of Westminster with an LLB before completing her LPC with an MA in Business Law and Management at the University of Law.  

Prior to joining Pogust Goodhead in 2020, she undertook pro bono work with the Westminster Law Clinic. This involved dealing with client claims in areas such as employment law, commercial law and environmental law. Professionally, Simran previously worked in law firms both in Leeds and London and draws upon this experience in her work on the Mercedes-Benz NOx Emissions Group Litigation. 

Simran has an interest in commercial law, employment law and legal technology. She has undertaken extensive research on technology in the legal sector and the possible skills required of future lawyers. She is passionate about working in a claimant-based litigation firm and is looking forward to developing her skills whilst working at Pogust Goodhead. 


Before joining Pogust Goodhead in 2021, Naomi graduated with a Law degree at the University of Sussex and went on to complete her LLM at BPP University. 

 She has previously undertaken pro bono work as a Legal Advisor at the Citizens Advice Bureau and as a Debt Advisor at South West London Law Centres.  

 Since joining the team at Pogust Goodhead, she has furthered her interest in group litigation law. Naomi also speaks fluent English, Spanish and Portuguese.


After graduating from Leicester University with an LLB, Toun worked as a Contract Paralegal for several international law firms. Her focus was on disclosure, e-discovery and legal research.  

Toun has a particular interest in intellectual property law as well as the laws governing cyber security. She based her legal research and reform module on the latter whilst studying for her LLM. Toun particularly enjoys applying this knowledge to work conducted by the firm’s Data Breach Department.  

Toun is currently studying the LPC at BPP Law School with a view to qualifying as a Solicitor. 


Mathuza is currently studying PGDL and having earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance at Queen Mary University of London, she is eager to use her knowledge of both fields to her advantage and progress further within the legal career.   

Mathuza always had a passion to step into the legal profession, which was further enhanced when she became a legal assistant for a Conveyancing solicitor during her undergraduate studies along with the work experience of shadowing a junior solicitor at a city law firm.   

She aspires to strengthen her commercial litigation knowledge whilst working as a paralegal at PGMBM. She has worked on the firm’s group litigation claims against Mercedes-Benz and Uber. 

Data Analyst

Sandra has recently graduated from Newcastle University with a degree in Law. She started at Pogust Goodhead in April 2021 as a client care paralegal based in the London office, working primarily on the Diesel Emissions Claim.  

She is currently also studying towards her LLM at Queen Mary University, London with particular focus on International Human Rights and Policing. 

Client Care Supervisor 

Campbell graduated from the University of Tasmania with a BA, majoring in International Relations and Politics. His focus was within the field of geopolitics and how it affects the world we live in. 

During his studies, he represented his college in numerous meetings with the local council. He worked with various sectors of the community to make sure that young people had input on decisions that have an impact on their daily lives. He brings this same determination to PGMBM to strive for what is right and fair. 

Campbell moved from Australia to the UK in early 2020 and is now a Client Care Supervisor in London.  


Saleha completed a degree in law at the University of Westminster in November 2019.   

After joining PGMBM in June 2020, Saleha has mainly focused on the Mercedes Diesel Emissions case.   

Having been involved in various internships and client service roles, Saleha is adept in client care and administrative matters. Saleha will be commencing her LPC LLM in January 2021 whilst pursuing her specific interests in Intellectual Property and Commercial law.   

Intake Administrator

Janine is committed to helping women who have been sterilized with Essure after she herself experienced the adverse effects of the method. 

That is how she ended up at Pogust Goodhead and is why she now works hard for the cause, representing affected women in the Netherlands. 

Janine has supported the women emotionally for years and now helps them to get their files in order. 

Administrative Assistant

Lucretia was herself a victim of Essure and it is for this reason that she is committed to holding the manufacturers of the product responsible.  

She is happy to utilise her experience to provide administrative support for Pogust Goodhead.

Receptionist & Secretary

Ellen is an experienced secretary and has worked for various personal injury law firms during her career. 

She enjoys a role in which she can meet and work with people from different walks of life. 

Client Liaison

Janice works as a client liaison for Pogust Goodhead and was a victim of the Essure device herself.  

She assists with an Essure support group for other affected women and is proud to be working at a firm that seeks justice for other women in her position. 

Finance Director

Judith is a senior finance professional who brings with her fifteen years of extensive finance and management experience. She has previously worked in senior finance roles in Start-ups, Scale ups and Private Equity. In her role prior to joining PGMBM, she was a key part of the management team responsible for growing a UK based online estate agency from 30 to 275 employees.  

Judith has a degree in Finance from the University of Hertfordshire. She is an ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) qualified accountant. 


Kristine graduated from the University of Warwick with a degree in Law with German Law. She has undertaken comparative legal studies in China and Germany before returning to England to pursue a legal career.  

During university, Kristine balanced her legal studies with volunteering roles; she provided high-quality pro-bono advice to local vulnerable people at the Warwick Law Clinic, and she corrected injustices caused by the capital punishment system in the USA with the Death Penalty Project.    

Kristine’s passion for social and environmental justice and her experience in dealing cross-jurisdiction shines in her work. 


Communication & Business Development Coordinator

Douglas, a native Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro, graduated from Herbert H. Lehman College in New York City, (USA) with his degree in Business Administration and Marketing.  

Douglas joined Pogust Goodhead in February 2021 as an Office & PA Assistant. He is extremely passionate about helping others, determined, and willing to support and provide consistent assistance based on his broad knowledge, strong analytical and business skills. 


Luke holds an LLB (Hons) / BA (Hons) from the University of Western Australia and was admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor (Western Australia) in 2014.

Luke qualified with the State Solicitor’s Office of Western Australia where he conducted civil and regulatory criminal litigation on behalf of the State Government. He advised and appeared as counsel before the Magistrates, District and Supreme Court on a range of prosecutions and public law matters, including human rights challenges concerning WA’s gender reassignment legislative regime.

n 2015, Luke read for the LLM (International Law) at the University of Cambridge as a Frank Downing QC Scholar. After his LLM, Luke undertook clerkships with leading law firms specialising in investor-state arbitration and public international law. He subsequently worked for the House of Commons International Trade Committee and the UK Department for International Trade advising on international trade law and policy issues, and negotiating new Free Trade Agreements with multiple countries.

Business Operations Manager

After his study of business economics and a post-graduate in investment management, Marc worked for almost 10 years as an investment manager.

In 2004 he switched to a medium-sized Dutch law firm and worked there for more than 15 years as office director.

With a sidestep to an IT-related company as operations manager, he joined Pogust Goodhead in July 2021 as Business Operations Manager in Amsterdam to open the Dutch office.


Behafarid graduated from King’s College London with a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Law and completed her LPC LLM at the University of Law. 
She has four years of experience working in the legal field including extensive pro-bono experience advising vulnerable individuals. Alongside pursuing her career in law, she works as a translator and interpreter for the Persian/Dari speaking community. 

Highly compassionate with a drive to succeed, Behafarid is committed to ongoing professional development at Pogust Goodhead while continuing to volunteer with organisations supporting refugee and migrant communities.

Legal Administrator 

Nicola joined Pogust Goodhead in July 2021, having previously worked in legal costs for over 6 years and in outplacement for several years before that.

She brings with her vast experience in administration, project coordination, and client care. 


Angelina completed her BSc in International Environmental Science at the University of Nottingham before starting her Master in Environmental Law and Sustainable development at SOAS University of London.

Angelina has an interest in Environmental and International Law and has studied and gained legal and environmental experience in Austria, Australia and India. Angelina hopes to specialise in environmental law.

Director of Public Affairs


As Director of Public Affairs Simon brings together political strategy, external relations and communications expertise along with a passion for holding the powerful to account and getting justice for people.

With over 18 years experience in politics, public affairs and campaigning Simon is a specialist in running campaigns that resonate with the public and impact on policy. At Pogust Goodhead, Simon is responsible for developing public affairs strategies and building relationships across different sectors.

Prior to joining Pogust Goodhead, Simon worked for environmental organisation ClientEarth, including leading their award-winning campaign to clean up toxic and illegal air pollution across Europe. 

Before that Simon worked as a political advisor to British politician Ed Miliband for over 10 years, both in government and in his position as Leader of the Opposition.


Laura graduated from the University of Liverpool with a degree in Law. Whilst studying for her degree, she took a particular interest in social justice after gaining an insight from her involvement with the Liverpool University Law Clinic.  

Laura joined Pogust Goodhead in the summer of 2020 after completing her degree and is currently enjoying working within the Medical Product Liability Department. She looks forward to starting her LPC at the University of Law in September 2021. 

Project Manager

Luísa graduated from the University Centre of Serra Gaúcha with a degree in International Relations. Whilst at university, she led the Academic Directory of Students and organised study groups which focused on human rights. Upon graduation, she received a distinction in her class after achieving outstanding results in the National Student Performance Exam. 

Whilst in Brazil, Luísa served the government of her municipality, participating directly in the creation of the Municipal Youth Policy. She was also involved in the constitution of the International Relations Office.  

She joined PGMBM in 2020, motivated by her passion for making the world a better place. Luísa is also a campaigner for gender equality and social justice, volunteering for the Migration Centre and participating in several projects within the Secretariat on Policies for Women. 

Client Services Quality Coordinator

Felipe graduated from the Unicesumar with a degree in Law, and has five years of experience as Paralegal in Brazil. After graduating, he decided to improve his skills abroad, living in the U.S.A, Italy, and Ireland, working with sales, and always fascinated to learn about new cultures. 

Felipe is in the process of completing his Master’s in Business Administration at Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University, and has already completed the Marketing and Accountancy module. 

Felipe is fluent in English, Portuguese and has an intermediate level of Spanish. He joined Pogust Goodhead in 2021 and has been actively involved with the British Airways Data Breach Group Claim. 

Trainee Solicitor

Elisa graduated from the University of Grenoble with a double degree reading French law and Foreign Languages. She also holds a master’s degree in International Business Law from the University of Kent. 

Elisa completed an LLM Law Conversion at BPP Law School. Whilst at university, she worked as a student director within one of BPP’s Pro-bono programmes called Immigration Tribunal Friends. 

She has a strong interest in Human rights and cross-border litigation. Elisa is fluent in English, French and Spanish. 

Elisa joined Pogust Goodhead in 2021 and is primarily working on the British Airways data breach compensation claim.  


Emily completed her degree in BA Philosophy and Law in 2019 at the University of Essex. She later went on to study her Masters degree in Medical Law and Ethics at the University of Law and completed this in 2020. 

Emily is a Paralegal in the Client Care Support Team working on the British Airways Data Breach case, Uber Employment case and the Mercedes Emissions case. She is passionate about supporting individuals who would otherwise find it hard to implement their voice in their search for justice.   

Emily has worked in many different areas of law and has gained passion and interest in Medical Law, which is illustrated in her choice of LLM, Family Law and Employment Law.  


Charne’ is a South African LLB graduate who graduated from the University of Free State in South Africa. Charne’ also completed her LPC in South Africa and wrote and passed her Attorney’s admissions exams.  

Charne moved to the UK to pursue her Career as a solicitor within England and Wales and on her path to further develop her legal career, Charne’ completed her GDL at the University of Law London in 2020 and is looking to start the LLM LPC in the near future.  

Charne is fluent in English and can also speak Afrikaans. 

She joined PGMBM on the litigation team and is now working on Uber, Diesel Emissions Scandal and has worked on the BA data breach claim. 

Charne’ is passionate about commercial law, corporate law and cyber law. 


Khazena completed her LLB at the University of Leicester in 2018 and holds an LLM in International Business Law from Queen Mary University of London after graduating the following year. 

Khazena joined Pogust Goodhead in 2020 after four years’ working as a manager in multiple customer service roles. 

HR & Talent Acquisition Coordinator

Ian studied History at the university of Chichester, Specialising in early modern European history. He then spent 5 years working in the events industry, providing staffing and logistical support for some of the largest evens in the world such as: Wimbledon, Royal Ascot and The Brit awards. 

Ian is now looking to broaden his experiences in the legal field, and brings a wealth of client care experience with him. 


Luke studied the LLB at the university of Law whilst taking internships at a Brixton Law firm. Luke Completed with a lower-second Class degree. He is hoping in future to study the LPC should an opportunity arise.  

Luke has developed an interest in protecting clients by providing as much personal Legal care as possible and is currently helping a client on a pro-bono basis on a noise nuisance complaint. 

Since joining in April, Luke has been predominantly working in the Emissions Team, playing his part in the smooth running of the client care process. 


Emily’s interests surrounded life sciences from a young age and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Science from the University of Manchester.  

After graduating, she partook in some work experience to explore potential careers. Emily became enthralled in a career in Law and decided to diverge her future career prospects by studying the GDL. Since then, she has continued her legal journey by working as a paralegal and recently began her studies on the Legal Practice Course. 


Marc is a law graduate of the University of Sheffield and has completed the LPC at the University of Law.  

During his studies, Marc developed a particular interest in the environment, having undertaken a research project on the European Union Timber Regulations at undergraduate level and a dissertation on environmental migrants at a post-graduate level. 

Project Coordinator

Orla joined PGMBM as an Administrative Assistant in June 2020, having just completed her final year at the University of Liverpool. She graduated the following month with a degree in English Literature and Philosophy before being promoted to Office Manager. 

Now working as a Project Coordinator, Orla has been given the opportunity to travel to Manchester to assist the legal team on the Fundão Dam Litigation.  

She has a strong interest in ethical judgement, strengthened by the philosophical side of her degree. This reflects the ethos of PGMBM. 

Client Services Quality Co-ordinator 

Bushra graduated from Brunel University London, and from BPP in 2019. 

Bushra has experience in several legal sectors which includes criminal law, housing law, immigration, litigation, commercial litigation, wills and probate and others. Her main interests are in international arbitration & International Human rights and commercial law. 

Bushra hopes to gain a training contract and qualify in the near future.   

In her free time, she assists in arranging charity fundraising events, mentoring the youth and her entrepreneurial ventures.  

Head of Solutions

Owen graduated from the University of Central Lancashire with a degree in Business and Finance. 

He joined the Pogust Goodhead team in December 2018 as a Proclaim Developer, responsible for the maintenance and improvement of business-critical systems. After several successful workflow initiatives, he has taken on the challenge of managing the growing the IT team and developing IT solutions as the firm continues to expand. 

With a background in both process improvement and compliance, Owen strives to work in accordance with his values of integrity and truth. He has run several businesses over the past 5 years, including development contracting and Windows maintenance. 

Information Security Analyst

Rocky was born and raised in North America. He graduated from Berkeley College of New York in 2011 with a joint degree in Information Technology Management and Justice Studies. 

His love for technology has motivated him to achieve several CompTIA IT certifications since, with the latest being the Secure Infrastructure Specialist Certification. 

He aims to advance his career into the cyber security sector.

Media Manager

Lauren has worked in the media for over a decade, reporting on breaking news, current affairs and worldwide events.

After leaving her occupation as a journalist, working for the likes of The Sun, the Daily Mail, Independent and Telegraph, she turned to public relations and for the last few years has been putting legal firms front and centre of mainstream media. 

Helping businesses achieve brand awareness, communicate with clients and stakeholders is a passion for Lauren and she is thrilled to be taking Pogust Goodhead on this journey. 

International Communications Manager

Priscila graduated with a degree in Advertising and Marketing from the Nossa Senhora do Patrocínio University, in Brazil.  

Whilst studying, she developed a campaign for a non-profit organisation which helped young children with autism. She was involved with raising awareness, fundraising and influencing both people and companies to contribute to the cause. 

Prior to joining Pogust Goodhead, Priscila has worked in in-house marketing departments for start-ups and ecommerce industries, and has lived in Brazil, Italy, the USA and the UK, gaining vast cultural, personal and professional experiences along the way.

Priscila also acknowledges the importance of personal data and its security. She is certified in the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR 2016/679), and actively works to protect the rights of Data Subjects to ensure the firm is compliant with the Regulations.

Digital Marketing Manager

Jess joined the marketing department at Pogust Goodhead in 2020, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge in content creation and marketing strategies. 

Before joining Pogust Goodhead, Jess worked for publishing companies within the intellectual property law sector and the medical sector. She has collaborated on content with lawyers, medical professionals, and business leaders from around the world.  

At Pogust Goodhead, Jess is in charge of all things related to content and digital marketing, helping the firm reach the widest possible audience to ensure everyone has the access to justice they deserve. 


Social Media Manager

After achieving her BA in Business Consultancy, Sophie moved from Austria to London to pursue an MA in International Marketing. She graduated in 2020.  

During and after her undergraduate studies, she worked in the field of social media and developed campaigns for leadership coaching and digital formats for national book presentations. Sophie worked in one of Germany’s most successful brand consulting firms, where she developed strategies for international businesses in various fields. She was also involved in building a German start-up’s brand, where she was responsible for the fundraising of Africa Amini Alama; a private initiative that supports medical care for people in need in Tanzania. 

Sophie is passionate about providing clients the information that they need to make informed choices. She provides support to current and prospective clients on social media in the hope that they will find the justice they deserve.  

Client Care Supervisor

Jasmine built upon her BA in Human Rights and International Relations with an MA in International Affairs and Diplomacy from the School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London). She speaks Italian, English and Spanish.  

Jasmine has experience in different areas, including the third sector and research industries. One of her favourite legal roles involved managing the re-trials of Stanisic and Simatovic for crimes against humanity during the Bosnian War within the IRMCT in The Hague. Jasmine also recently joined the Italian General Consulate in London for a temporary project relating to the registering of Italian residents abroad and a national referendum.  

Since joining PGMBM, Jasmine has been the point of contact for clients both within the Mercedes-Benz NOx Emissions Group Litigation and EasyJet Data Breach Group Litigation. Jasmine is passionate about international law, particularly in respect of how it engages human rights. 

Head of Quality and Client Policy

Guy graduated from Staffordshire University with a degree in Psychology and Literature. 

An experienced manager, Guy has a background in dispute resolution, underwriting, and communication management within both the public and private sectors. 

He joined Pogust Goodhead as a manager for our Client Care Team in August 2020. 



Prior to joining Pogust Goodhead, Alex trained at international law firm Norton Rose Fulbright LLP, and has experience working as an Associate at other leading city firms.

Alex has a broad range of litigation experience, working on large, complex disputes often with an international element.  For example, he represented a former employee of a major global financial institution throughout a high profile, transnational regulatory investigation in respect of a USD $6 billion trading loss.  Alex also has experience in representing individuals and companies subject to investigations by the Serious Fraud Office and other regulators and enforcement authorities.  

Recent notable work includes representing an insurer client in arbitration proceedings contesting an alleged fraudulent claim in excess of USD $40 million and acting in reported High Court proceedings for a client resisting a third party debt order involving a BVI company in liquidation.

Before commencing his legal career, Alex gained additional professional experience working at a leading international consultancy firm. 

Legal Director

Taylor is a New Zealand qualified Senior Associate in Pogust Goodhead’s London office. She holds a BA/LLB (Hons) from the University of Auckland and an LLM from Yale University.

Taylor has previously conducted litigation on behalf of Government for New Zealand’s Crown Law Office. She has appeared before the New Zealand Court of Appeal and High Court on a range of public and tort law matters, including challenges to the scope of state immunity for alleged human rights violations by members of the armed forces and to powers of health and social service agencies.

Prior to joining Pogust Goodhead, Taylor worked with the British Pregnancy Advisory Service as a Bernstein Human Rights Fellow.

Chefe de Comunicações Corporativas

Alison tem dez anos de experiência ajudando empresas a construir sua marca e se comunicar de maneira eficaz com suas partes interessadas. Uma especialista em alcançar consumidores por meio de transmissão, ela ganhou prêmios da indústria por seu trabalho em campanhas de mídia, comunicações internas e, mais recentemente, por um podcast. 

Ela trabalhou extensivamente em comunicação de crise, gerenciamento de risco e recuperação de reputação, mas tem o maior prazer em ajudar empresas a contar suas histórias por meio da mídia. Antes de trabalhar como RP, ela trabalhou como jornalista para a Sky News, Five News e no programa This Morning da ITV. 

Como Chefe de Comunicações Corporativas, Alison será responsável pelas estratégias de mídia e relações públicas na PGMBM. 

Em seu tempo livre, ela ajuda as pessoas a desenvolverem suas habilidades de falar em público. 

Head of Client Services

Harry brings a wealth of experience in managing teams, contact centres and start-up operations across a range of financial products and services in areas such as Payment Protection Insurance, pensions and mortgage endowments.  

With a passion for customer-centric solutions, Harry joined in 2020 with extensive knowledge of claims, complaints and compliance having spent 15 years at the Financial Ombudsman Service.  

At Pogust Goodhead, Harry is responsible for heading up the recently established Client Care Team based in Putney, London. Here, expert paralegals provide front line advice, guidance, and support to clients across a broad spectrum of the firm’s cases. 

Legal Project Manager 

Karolina holds an MSc in Finance (Economic Policy) from SOAS University of London and an M.A. in International Relations from the Erasmus Mundus programme between the University of Vienna, Macquarie University Sydney and Wroclaw University.  

Karolina has several years of experience working with top-executives of the international financial sector, including some of the leading banks around the globe. She developed her skills as an Adviser at an international banking association, where she was in charge of managing board relations. She started her professional career at renowned diplomatic institutions such as the United Nations, the German Foreign Office and the European Parliament, working for the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the 8th legislative period.  

Having gained professional and academic experience in nine countries so far, Karolina is passionate about immersing herself in different cultures, with a particular love for Latin America.

Global Director of Business Development

Jordan graduated from the University of Liverpool with a first-class honours degree in Law (LLB) and is currently undertaking an Executive LLM in Litigation Management at Baylor University.

Jordan focuses on providing support to the Partnership in ensuring strategic business initiatives and projects are successfully executed in a joined-up fashion. He works closely with our C-Level leaders, Legal Directors and Senior Associates in order to develop a bird’s eye view across Pogust Goodhead and to contribute to the long-term success of the firm. Alongside these responsibilities, Jordan is also working towards qualifying as a solicitor in England & Wales and has completed the Legal Practice Course at BPP Law School, London.

Joining Pogust Goodhead in 2018, he brings formidable work ethic and exceptional commercial awareness to his role.


Tom is a solicitor-advocate specialising in complex high-value litigation. 

Before joining Pogust Goodhead, Tom graduated from the University of Oxford with a Law degree in 2009, trained and practiced as an associate at Clifford Chance between 2010 and 2015, and then spent over 5 years at a leading US firm in London. 

He has litigated a wide range of cases for claimants and defendants in the English Commercial Court, Chancery Division, Queen’s Bench Division, and Court of Appeal, often in parallel with related proceedings in other jurisdictions. He has also acted in commercial arbitrations under the rules of various international arbitral institutions. 

Aside from litigation, Tom is experienced in the conduct and settlement of criminal investigations involving the UK Serious Fraud Office, the French Parquet National Financier, and the US Department of Justice. 

On a pro bono basis, Tom has represented appellants in the First-Tier Tribunal in relation to their disability benefits entitlements and has advised charities concerning wrongful convictions, prison reform, and LGBT+ rights. 

Legal Director

Ibukun qualified as a solicitor of England and Wales in September 2013 and specialises in commercial litigation. Prior to joining PGMBM, Ibukun acted on a broad range of complex commercial and tortious disputes including claims listed in The Lawyer’s top 20 cases of the year in which the relevant proceedings commenced.  

She has also acted in group claims and claims supported by third party litigation funding. She has acted for and against banks, national and international law firms, private equity firms, other corporate entities and HNWIs. Ibukun also has international arbitration experience and is a member of the New York Bar. 


Peter graduated from the University of Cambridge with a degree in History. 

Qualifying as a Solicitor in September 2014, he specialises in litigation and has acted for a range of corporate clients in complex domestic and international litigation at both Shearman & Sterling, where he trained, and White & Case.  

Before joining Pogust Goodhead in December 2020, Peter acted in a broad range of commercial disputes and also has experience in contentious matters relating to data protection, breach of confidence, intellectual property, defamation, bribery and corruption, and regulatory investigations. 


Ana is an LL.M. by the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), with her main studies at the fields of financial law. She also has a Master in Economic Law by the University of São Paulo (USP), the same institution where she graduated, and a Post-graduate Diploma in Tax Law. 

Ana Carolina is an experienced financial lawyer that has been working in financial markets as in-house counsel as well, as an associate to law firms, for over 13 years. She started her career young, focusing on taxation of financial products and corporate transactions before broadening her professional performance to act as a transactional lawyer in derivatives transactions, private and public equity deals, and, most recently, third-party financing of judicial claims. 

Within Pogust Goodhead, she manages the interaction between the firm and its funders, acting as an in-house transactional lawyer and as investors relations. 

Devoted to philanthropy, she seats at the board of Associação Projeto Gauss endowment fund, which offers scholarships and mentoring for disadvantaged Brazilian students who believe in education as transformational tool. 

Senior Associate

Joshua Kushner is a highly experienced trial attorney and international arbitration practitioner who currently serves as senior litigation counsel for Pogust Goodhead’s Miami office. In this role, Joshua oversees a variety of civil and commercial litigation matters on behalf of group and individual plaintiffs for the firm in the United States.  A veteran homicide and sexual crimes prosecutor, Joshua’s individual plaintiffs’ practice focuses on the civil representation of victims of violent crime, sexual assault, harassment, and discrimination.   

In fighting for the rights of clients, Joshua leverages his professional experience representing the varied interests of major corporations and ultra-high net worth individuals throughout the world, including his experience serving as a preferred outside litigation attorney for Major League Baseball in New York City. Over several years, Joshua developed an intimate knowledge of the inner workings of professional sports leagues, teams and player organizations, as well as the litigation defense strategies executed by prominent athletes, sports organizations, and similarly situated high profile individuals and entities around the world.  This highly specialized experience combined with a formal background in broadcast journalism and complex criminal investigations allows Joshua to guide clients through high profile, media driven, litigation effectively and efficiently.  

Outside of the firm, Joshua is a husband, proud father and undergraduate professor of criminal justice in South Florida.  He also serves on the faculty for the National Institute of Trial Advocacy and as a training instructor for state and federal law enforcement agencies in the fields of complex criminal investigation and effective courtroom presentation.  

University of Miami (FL)
BS, Broadcast Journalism and Political Science
Boston College Law School
Juris Doctorate

Senior Associate

Jessica graduated from the Andrés Bello Catholic University in Venezuela and holds an LLM in Oil and Mining Law from the Monteávila University in Caracas as well as an LLM from King’s College London. 

She specialises in both international arbitration and litigation and public international law. She has advised and represented private entities and sovereign states on international dispute resolution and public international law issues including investment arbitration, international environmental law and international human rights.  

Prior to joining Pogust Goodhead, Jessica worked as an Associate in the public law practice group and the energy disputes team at Baker & McKenzie, where she advised clients on investment arbitration, international environmental law, administrative law, corporate social responsibility and human rights.  

More recently, Jessica worked in London as a Senior Associate at Volterra Fietta where she represented a European State on five investment treaty disputes under the ICSID rules in relation to the mis-selling of financial products. A further highlight was her representation of a Caribbean state in an investment treaty arbitration, before the Permanent Court of Arbitration, in relation to claims arising out of alleged environmental damage and indirect expropriation of a wildlife sanctuary in Barbados. She also provided advice in relation to proceedings before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, as well as on international humanitarian law issues. 

Senior Associate

Sarah graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with an LLB before achieving a distinction in her LPC at the Chester College of Law. 

Sarah qualified as a solicitor in 2013 and joined Pogust Goodhead in 2019. She is a member of the Medical Product Liability Department which handles group actions against manufacturers of defective medical devices. She currently oversees the day-to-day running of the Hormone Pregnancy Test Litigation, together with Head of Department, Lisa Lunt. 

Sarah has a litigation background, with experience in both clinical negligence and product liability claims. She was involved with the Steering Committee on the DePuy Pinnacle Metal on Metal Group Litigation. 

Sarah has a mixture of claimant and defendant experience, having worked for a large national defendant firm acting on behalf of NHS Resolution in relation to clinical negligence claims being advanced against their member Trusts. Her experience gives her a unique ability to assess cases from both sides of the fence as well as an inside knowledge of defendant mindset and processes. 

Legal Director

Jade graduated amongst the top of her class with an LLB degree from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, where she was awarded numerous academic prizes. Jade attended the University of Oxford, where she completed the BCL degree (with merit) as a Weidenfeld Hoffmann Trust and Chevening Scholarship recipient. Growing up in a post-apartheid South Africa and being the descendant of Holocaust survivors instilled a commitment to justice, freedom and equality.

Upon being admitted as an Attorney and completing a training contract in the banking and finance division of ENS Inc., the largest law firm in Africa, Jade chose to leave corporate practice to assist various non-profit organisations. She gained invaluable experience in entrepreneurship, womXn’s empowerment and skills development. During this time, she also qualified as a Notary Public and Mediator. Focusing on promoting and honouring the rule of law, Jade worked at the Helen Suzman Foundation NPO and the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law in London. 

A highlight of Jade’s career is serving as the Law Clerk for Chief Justice Mogoeng at the Constitutional Court, the apex court in the South African judicial system.

At Pogust Goodhead, Jade works with a dedicated and passionate team on the Emissions cases in pursuit of holding vehicle manufacturers accountable for their environmental impact. Jade enjoys writing for law journals and volunteering with various empowerment projects and people around the globe because ‘every deed matters’.

‘By three things is the world sustained: law, truth and peace.’

Attorney at Law

Melissa leads operations for the dynamic and diversified local Miami team, bringing years of experience in US-European cross-border litigation in mass and class action proceedings involving consumer claims, medical products, and environmental issues. 

Initially a medical malpractice defense litigator with a background in nursing, Melissa now focuses on representing the interests of international plaintiffs. 

She is certified as an expert in international law by The Florida Bar and is one of fewer than 150 Civil Law Notaries in Florida and fewer than 300 Civil Law Notaries in the United States. 

Melissa is the President of the Board of Directors (Vorstand) of Global Justice Network, a Swiss-based non-profit association composed of international claimant counsel who work together to support victims via cross-board litigation projects. 

Melissa also serves as an advisor to a litigation finance consultancy company based in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Of Counsel

Tobias has over 25 years of complex litigation experience, with a focus on pharmaceutical and medical device litigation.  

He has served in numerous Court-appointed leadership positions in pharmaceutical and medical device litigations. Most recently, he was appointed by Hon. F. Dennis Saylor as Co-Lead Counsel in In re Zofran (Ondansetron) Products Liability Litigation, MDL 2657 and by Hon. Rebecca Pallmeyer as Co-Lead Counsel in In re Zimmer Nexgen Knee Products Liability Litigation, MDL 2272.  

Tobias was the first to file a hormone therapy lawsuit in the nation in 2002 and went on to dedicate the next twelve years to the litigation. He tried four hormone therapy cases, obtaining jury verdicts for the Plaintiffs in all four, including verdicts in November 2009 for $34.3 million and December 2011 for $72.6 million.   

Earlier in his career, Tobias garnered several notable achievements, including serving as co-counsel in a $22 million medical malpractice verdict in Wallace v. Fraider (Phila. CCP Mar. 2001), one of the highest in state history.  

Residing in Philadelphia, USA, Tobias is President of the American Association for Justice (AAJ) for 2020-21. He is a member of the Pennsylvania Association for Justice (PAJ) Board of Governors and the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers (PTLA) Board of Directors.  


Tony graduated from the University of Hull with a degree in Law before completing his LSF at the Chester College of Law. 

He has over 30 years’ experience advising clients on all aspects of commercial disputes, including procedures to avoid disputes, early settlements and trial expertise. Prior to joining Pogust Goodhead, Tony was Senior Litigation Counsel at a large property development and retail company after being a Partner at a number of national and international law firms. 

Since joining Pogust Goodhead in September 2018, Tony has been the Lead Solicitor on both the Volkswagen NOx Emissions Group Litigation and the British Airways Data Breach Group Litigation. 

Medico-Legal Director

Catherine graduated from the University of Oxford, Worcester College with a degree in Physiological Sciences in 2004 and a degree in Medicine in 2007. After qualifying as a doctor, she worked in General Practice as well as a variety of hospital specialties before specialising in psychiatry and public health. She then spent 5 years as Senior Editor of The Lancet Psychiatry journal. 

Catherine’s longstanding interest in medical ethics and the law led her to undertake the GDL at the University of Law, London, from which she graduated in 2019. Catherine joined PGMBM in February 2019 as Medicolegal Director. 


Zach graduated from Bucknell University in 2015 where he earned a BSc in Business Administration.  While at Bucknell, Zach also played on the Men’s Varsity Golf Team. After graduating, Zach attended the University of Pennsylvania Law School where he graduated cum laude in 2018.  Whilst at Penn, Zach served as a Senior Editor on the Journal of Law and Social Change as well as was vice president of the Penn Law Sports and Entertainment Society. During law school, Zach also volunteered with the Criminal Rights Expungement Project.  

Following his academics, Zach began his legal career with the law firm of Proskauer Rose LLP in their New York City office. Zach worked in Proskauer’s private equity and mergers & acquisitions groups before joining Pogust Goodhead in February 2021 as an Associate Attorney in the firm’s Miami office. He is admitted to practice law in New York. 

Head of HR

Craig graduated from Lancaster University with a degree in Business Studies.   

Craig has worked in Human Resources management for 10+ years across the hospitality, publishing, PR & marketing, private healthcare, and HR consultancy sectors. He has extensive experience operating within SMEs, supporting growth and implementing HR practices that complement the culture of an organisation.  

Craig believes that HR is most successful when they establish a foundation of trust, transparency, and accountability and hold himself to that same standard. 

Managing Partner | CEO

Tom graduated from the University of Oxford, Magdalen College, with a degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. He also holds a Master’s degree in Politics and Education Policy from the University of Cambridge, Clare College.

Tom subsequently qualified as a Barrister, graduating from City University, London and the University of Law. 

Since being called to the Bar in 2010, Tom has dedicated his career to representing the interests of individuals from all around the world in litigation against some of the world’s most powerful companies. 

He is currently litigating two of the largest group litigations in UK legal history (claims against BHP and Volkswagen) and, over the course of his career, he has successfully recovered tens of millions of pounds in settlements and verdicts. 

Passionate about business and human rights, Tom believes that whilst capitalism is the world’s most powerful tool to lift people out of poverty, transnational corporations must be held to account for violations of the environmental, social, and competitive orders. 

Tom has a love for the country of Brazil and its people. He initiated the Fundão Dam litigation and has been travelling to Brazil numerous times to meet with current and potential claimants. He finds the state of Minas Gerais, with its landscape scattered with the scars of the extractive industries, reminiscent of his upbringing at the foot of the SIrhowy Valley in Pontymister, Wales. 


Harris L. Pogust has spent his career representing people who have been injured not only by the negligence of others but also by the greed and intentional actions of large corporations across the United States. His work has seen him come up against software companies, manufacturing companies, and pharmaceutical companies, as well as the federal government. 

For over thirty years, Harris has been litigating, bringing to trial, and settling claims on behalf of his injured clients. He has over twenty-five years of experience working as lead counsel in class action suits, state court mass tort programs, and federal multidistrict litigations programs. 

Recently, Harris has served as Lead Counsel in MDL 1736 – In re Celexa and Lexapro Products Liability Litigation (E.D. Missouri) and Liaison Counsel in In re Paxil (Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, No 1503). He was Class Counsel and represented thousands of African-American farmers in discriminatory lending claims against the United States Department of Agriculture, and was Co-Lead Counsel in the matter of In re Azek Decking Sales Practices Litigation. 

Harris is regularly quoted by national publications, has testified twice before the United States Senate, is a guest lecturer at conferences across the country, and has served as lead counsel in numerous landmark class action litigations. 

Founding Partner

Pedro graduated from Fundação Getulio Vargas with a degree in Law and holds master’s degrees in Law from the Insper Institute for Education and Research and King’s College London. 

He is a dynamic and dedicated dispute resolution professional who has over ten years’ experience working for leading law firms in Brazil and the United Kingdom. Prior to moving to the United Kingdom to further his studies and to work for Herbert Smith Freehills, Pedro was an Associate at Demarest Advogados and worked separately as a mediator. His experiences as a mediator compounded his interest in alternative dispute resolution. 

Upon moving to London, Pedro undertook an LLM in International Dispute Resolution at King’s College with a focus on negotiation and the use of technology applied to conflict resolution. Whilst a blossoming career in corporate litigation beckoned, Pedro became increasingly attracted to representing claimants in ‘David v Goliath’ cases. He left a City law firm to join PGMBM, playing a critical role in its creation. He immediately then began work on the Fundão Dam Litigation. 

Within the Fundão Dam Litigation, Pedro has led the representation of over 200,000 individual claimants and worked with leading class action administrators to aggregate and administer claims. Further, he has undertaken a critical role in working with expert witnesses on issues relating to jurisdiction and access to justice.


Tomás graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais with a degree in Law and holds a master’s degree in International Tax Law from the University of Coimbra. He also developed his research on the freedom of establishment regulations within the European Union at the Humboldt University of Berlin. 

He is a qualified lawyer registered with the Bar Associations of Brazil and Portugal. Specialised in navigating international tax and private law, Tomás has over ten years of legal experience. Prior to moving to the UK, Tomás was the founder of his own Brazilian law firm, in-house counsel to one of Brazil’s most successful technology start-ups, and a serial entrepreneur. 

Since moving to London in 2018, Tomás has worked hard with the other founding partners of PGMBM. He was instrumental in aggregating clients in the Fundão Dam Litigation and personally managed the conduct of the litigation for over 500 businesses against BHP. 

Tomás is a native of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais and his family have very deep and historic roots in the state. 


A former commercial litigator in leading national and international firms, Kate subsequently spent a number of years as in-house legal counsel to the audit regulator and accountancy and actuarial professional oversight body, most recently heading up their legal team as Director of Legal Services and Data Protection Officer.  

She is an extensively experienced lawyer, leader and Board advisor and brings a blend of disputes practitioner as well as heavyweight regulatory and compliance expertise.  

Kate advises PGMBM on the whole range of legal, regulatory, commercial and governance issues arising out its representation of clients and its decisions and strategies as a business and global leader in group litigation. 

Chief People Officer

Zoe has been working in Human Resources for 14 years and has had a varied background running International HR departments at the BBC, start-ups, and more recently at an Omnicom agency where she headed up their diversity, equality, and inclusion programmes.  

Zoe’s passion is helping create inclusive and supportive workplaces. She firmly believes that HR cannot do their job without the constant feedback of the people they support, so her door (virtual or otherwise!) is always open to new ideas on how to improve our culture. 

Chief Financial Officer

Benedict is a senior finance professional with a background in economics, finance, investment banking and management consulting. He has extensive experience in leading finance and cross-functional project teams across a wide range of different industries. 

Attending the University of Bath, Benedict graduated in 2007 with a degree in Economics. He went on to become a Chartered Accountant (Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland), Chartered Tax Adviser (Chartered Institute of Taxation), and in 2018 was named in ICAS: Top 100 CA’s under 35. 

Prior to joining PGMBM in 2020, his most recent role was as the Head of Finance for the European Business Unit where he oversaw multiple complex construction projects for a globally recognised, publicly listed real estate developer. 

Legal Director – International Group Claims

Marcelo graduated from the Federal University of Minas Gerais with a degree in Law and is a qualified lawyer registered with the Brazilian Bar Association.  

Throughout his decade-long legal career, Marcelo has worked as a Solicitor, Professor of Tax and Constitutional Law, Legal Advisor to the Minas Gerais Attorney-General and Executive In-House Counsel of an internationally traded energy corporation with more than 150 affiliates. 

More recently, Marcelo entered the legal technology industry, leading the international expansion programme of a world-renowned British start-up specialised in predictive analytics. 

Parallel to his activities in law, Marcelo has co-founded and restructured several successful business enterprises in Brazil. 

Chief Technology Officer | Chief Marketing Officer

Richard graduated from the University of Brighton with a degree in Mathematics & Computer Science. 

With over eighteen years’ experience in the digital marketing, cinema and media industries, he has cultivated several early-stage start-up companies from inception through to exit. Richard enjoys leading and developing cutting edge software solutions through the effective leveraging of his commercial, product development, digital marketing, and technical background. 

Richard leads Pogust Goodhead’s global technology initiatives and is responsible for our information security, systems and the software development of innovative platform capabilities that help cement Pogust Goodhead as the global leader in group litigation. 

Global IT Director

João graduated from the Federal University of Minas Gerais with a degree in Computational Mathematics. 

Throughout his career, João has played a pivotal role in several start-up companies having worked as a Director in both technological and administrative positions. He is also an administrative technician and previously won 1st place in an entrepreneurship contest at the Merrill Lynch Global Business Challenge. 

Joining the PGMBM team in 2018 as Global IT Director, he is responsible for developing internal technology methods to ensure the operation, maintenance, and enhancement of information and security systems in all of our offices. 

Chief Information Security Officer

Chris graduated from the University of Oxford, Queen’s College with a degree in Mathematics. 

He has nearly 30 years’ experience in the retail, financial markets, government and insurance sectors. Throughout these sectors, he has gained broad experience in delivering complex projects alongside diverse teams across multiple departments. 

Following a background in consultancy with Accenture, Chris held positions in product development, change management and enterprise risk before specialising in information security. He is a Certified Information Security Manager and holds further certifications in both implementing and auditing the International Standard for Information Security, ISO27001. 

Prior to joining Pogust Goodhead, Chris took a UK retailer on their journey to compliance with the ISO27001 standard as well as achieving compliance with PCI-DSS, the information security standard for organisations that handle debit and credit cards. 

Chris is primarily responsible for defining, developing and implementing the information security strategy whilst protecting the firm from cyber security threats. 

Partner | Global Legal Services Director

Christopher received his LLB from Kingston University before going on to complete the LPC at the University of Law. Global Legal Services Director at Pogust Goodhead, he holds a high-level strategic role encompassing overall management of cases litigated in the English and Welsh courts by Pogust Goodhead from a litigation processing, costs management and business development perspective.

Joining the firm in 2019, his primary focus was to support the firm’s groundbreaking Fundão Dam Litigation. The 2015 collapse resulted in Brazil’s worst ever environmental disaster, with BHP now facing a $5bn claim for damages. He also leads a number of Pogust Goodhead’s other high-profile cases.

An experienced litigator, Christopher has a wealth of experience acting for claimants in group and multi-party litigation, as well as complex commercial, product liability, clinical negligence and personal injury disputes. During the early stages of his career, he successfully managed a team specialising in pursuing irregularity claims against financial institutions arising from the mis-selling of Payment Protection Insurance and other financial products – an endeavour which recovered millions of pounds for his clients.

Christopher’s formidable commercial instincts are second to none and he is relentless in the pursuit of his client’s interests. He has a reputation for consistently forging strong stakeholder relationships and prides himself on being someone that his clients can rely on. Having drawn high levels of praise from a variety of sources, he was shortlisted for ‘Rising Star Award’ at the Modern Claims Awards 2017.


Céline graduated from the School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London) with a degree in Chinese and Law. 

She qualified as a Solicitor in September 2012 and specialises in litigation and arbitration. Before joining Pogust Goodhead, Céline acted in complex domestic and international litigation and arbitration matters at Herbert Smith Freehills, where she trained, and subsequently at Jones Day where she spent nearly 6 years. 

Céline brings valuable international experience to multi-jurisdictional disputes having acted in litigation and arbitration before courts and tribunals in many jurisdictions in areas including energy and natural resources. 


Jeremy graduated from the University of Kent with a degree in Law before completing his LPC with distinction. He qualified as a solicitor in October 2014 and specialises in litigation. 

Before joining Pogust Goodhead in August 2019, he was at Leigh Day and worked on the DePuy Pinnacle Metal on Metal Group Litigation concerning over 600 clients with failed hip components.  

Jeremy works principally on the firm’s international case portfolio, leading the Orange Juice Cartel Litigation and playing a pivotal role in the Fundão Dam Litigation. 

He is also a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) and is accredited as a litigator. 


Lisa graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a degree in Law. 

At Pogust Goodhead, she is the head of the Medical Product Liability Department, which handles large group actions against manufacturers of defective medical products. Since joining the firm in February 2019, Lisa has worked closely with the American arm of Pogust Goodhead, who have successfully litigated cases against some of the world’s leading manufacturers. 

Lisa is currently leading the transvaginal mesh and Essure contraceptive device litigations and, most notably, has recently been instructed on the Tavistock case following the publication of the Cass Review Interim Report. She was also previously instructed by the Chair of the Association for Children Damaged by hormone pregnancy testing. Lisa’s work has resulted in a great deal of media attention. Lisa has provided expert commentary on news features, including BBC Breakfast, Sky News, other local news channels and radio broadcasts, as well as major newspaper publications.

Lisa represents thousands of injured people seeking redress against huge corporations in multiple jurisdictions. Lisa is the ‘go-to’ solicitor for defective medical products.

As a member of APIL dealing with high value and complex claims of maximum severity, Lisa was one of 5 solicitors in the country on the Steering Committee for the DePuy Pinnacle Metal on Metal Group Litigation. 


Jordyn received her Bachelor of Arts in English from the George Washington University in 2015, going on to receive her Juris Doctorate from Benjamin Cardozo Law School in 2019. Throughout law school, Jordyn worked at two personal injury law firms where she developed her passion for representing and assisting injured victims and their families. 

After law school, Jordyn joined a prominent law firm where she practiced complex commercial litigation, franchise law, and corporate law. Jordyn then joined PGMBM in October of 2020 as an Associate Attorney at the firm’s Miami office. Jordyn is working primarily on the advancement and growth of the firm’s Section 1782 discovery practice. 

Jordyn is admitted to practice law in Florida, as well as before the United States Middle District of Florida. She is a member of the International Law chapter of the Florida bar and, as of 2021, is a Registered Foreign Lawyer. 

Jordyn was born and raised in New York, surrounded by people from many cultures and backgrounds. This, along with her own culturally diverse heritage, has allowed Jordyn to gain valuable insight and perspective into the varying circumstances and injustices people experience on a daily basis. This has inspired her to be involved in social justice reform and multiple charities that assist in, among other things, bringing clean water and educational opportunities to impoverished children.


Yara graduated from the University of Sheffield with a first class LLB and completed an LLM at the University of Edinburgh with distinction. She was awarded the Tercentenary Award for Excellence by Edinburgh Law School, the Vaughan Bevan Memorial Prize by Sheffield Law School and the Inderpal Rahal Memorial Trust Scholarship from Garden Court Chambers.  

Yara is motivated to achieve justice for her clients. She has expertise running cases against discrimination using the Equality Act 2010. Yara has worked on large group claims for equal pay and has Court of Appeal experience.  

She previously worked for both Trade Unions and for non-governmental organisations (both domestically and internationally). Yara has also held a teaching position in the School of Law at the University of Edinburgh. 

Yara is proud to be a trustee of the Discrimination Law Association and enjoys writing articles on upholding legal rights and ensuring legal redress is accessible for all. 

Legal Administrator

Emmanuella is a highly motivated and enthusiastic Business and Finance graduate.  

Fluent in three languages: English, Italian and Twi and with experience in the Legal and Administration industry.  

She is eager to put her linguistic skills, alongside her acquired legal and administrative skills into practice at Pogust Goodhead. 

Trainee Solicitor

Isadora received her master’s degree in Law from the Insubria University of Como, Italy and has expertise in criminal law, restorative justice and transitional justice. 

She worked for law firms in Italy and Germany before relocating to London to pursue her career in the law. A particular achievement of Isadora’s was her research on the 2016 Colombian Peace Agreement under the tutelage of Professor Grazia Mannozzi and on Afro-descendants representation in Latin America for the LA Institute of the Freie Universität Berlin. 

Isadora maintains her commitment to social and environmental justice through her volunteer work for local women’s rehabilitation centres and non-profit organisations M2R and XR International. 


Katherine graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a degree in Law and German. In 2020, she completed an Advanced Diploma in Immigration and Asylum Law. She is currently preparing to sit the New York Bar exam.  

Alongside her work with Pogust Goodhead, Katherine is an immigration consultant with a Paris-based firm and volunteers with various NGOs which specialise in international human rights law and providing assistance to asylum seekers and refugees.   

She joined Pogust Goodhead in 2021 and is currently working on the “Dieselgate” case.  


Lara graduated with a degree in Psychology from Liverpool Hope University. She also holds a master’s degree in Health Psychology from Liverpool John Moore’s University. 

She joined the Pogust Goodhead team in 2020, having previously worked in the healthcare industry. 


Tacy Matias Correia graduated with a degree in Law, from the University of Coimbra, Portugal. Furthermore, she has spent a year abroad at the University of Barcelona, where she was able to focus on Corporate and International Private Law. During her studies in Barcelona, she received an Academic Excellence award in Corporate Law.  

Tacy also holds a masters’ degree in Corporate Law and Legal Practice, specialising in Arbitration from the University of Lisbon. As part of her dissertation Tacy conducted research on resolving Pharmaceutical disputes through arbitration, for the obtention of Authorisation of Introduction in the Market (AIM).  

Upon the conclusion of her masters, she worked for a Portuguese law firm, before relocating to London to pursue her career in law. 

Her interests lie in International law, Arbitration, and cross-jurisdictional cases, as well as Business and Human Rights. 

Paralegal – Czech Language Specialism

Vendula is currently studying for a master’s degree at the Charles University Law School in Prague alongside her work as a Paralegal at Pogust Goodhead.  

She started her own law practise with the help of WOOD & Company Group, the largest investment bank in Central and Eastern Europe. In 2015, she joined a Prague-based law firm where she discovered her passion for international litigation. At Pogust Goodhead she is working on the firm’s NOx Emissions portfolio. 

Trainee Solicitor

Daria joined Pogust Goodhead in October 2019 having completed her law degree in June 2019. Since starting at Pogust Goodhead, Daria has mostly been focused on assisting with the Fundão Dam Litigation. 

She previously interned at both Norton Rose Fulbright and Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner, as well as at Pogust Goodhead, which led to her being offered a full-time position at the firm. Daria speaks fluent English and Russian, and intermediate French and German. 

At the University of Oxford, Daria was the President of Lincoln College’s Law Society and was actively involved in promoting access to university for children from disadvantaged backgrounds through a variety of initiatives such as tutoring and workshops. She graduated with a 2:1 in Jurisprudence. 

In her free time, Daria enjoys cooking, swimming and learning new languages. 

Trainee Solicitor

Bethan graduated from the University of Leeds with a degree in Law and joined the firm in 2018 after graduating. She is currently studying for the LPC/LLM at Liverpool John Moores University.  

Bethan has a longstanding interest in claimant litigation and previously worked for the Welfare Rights Unit of Leeds City Council, where she supporting client claims. At Pogust Goodhead, Bethan is working on the Essure Litigation. 

She is a keen advocate for women’s rights and an acting ambassador of the Women Breaking Barriers Network at the University of Leeds’s Law School. Bethan is also a blogger for women’s reproductive health matters and is an active member activist of PCOS (Cysters in the UK) and Endometriosis UK support groups.  

Bethan hopes that her role at Pogust Goodhead will support her women’s rights advocacy in areas such as medical product liability. 

Trainee Solicitor

Chiara obtained her LLB in English and European Law at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and a Licence de Droit at Panthéon-Assas (Paris 2). She also completed an LLM in International Business Law at QMUL with Distinction and a further Master’s in Corporate Law (Paris 2). Throughout her degrees, Chiara has focused her studies (amongst others) on Competition Law, Conflicts of Laws, and International Law.

Prior to joining Pogust Goodhead, Chiara was a Corporate Paralegal at a French law firm where she assisted in corporate transactions and drafting of corporate legal documents including merger agreements and creations of LLCs.

Chiara joined Pogust Goodhead in 2020 as a Litigation Paralegal based in the London Office. She started her Training Contract at the firm in September 2022.

As a Trainee Solicitor, Chiara has been assisting in conducting extensive factual and legal research, claim-filing, and drafting of pleadings and correspondence for Defendants and Courts.

Trainee Solicitor

Eléonore holds a BSc in Technology and Business with First Class Honours from University College London (UCL) and a master’s degree in Economic Law from Sciences Po Paris.

She joined Pogust Goodhead after working as part of Sciences Po’s Legal Clinic on the Fundão Dam litigation in Brazil, undertaking Private International Law research for a Brazilian Professor who acts as an expert for the firm.

Eléonore also completed the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) at BPP Law School and is due to qualify as a solicitor of England and Wales in April 2023.

Since joining the firm, Eléonore has assisted with cross-jurisdictional matters, notably the Fundão Dam litigation in Brazil, competition cases, and environmental claims resulting from oil pollution in Central Africa.


Franka received her bachelor’s degree in Law and Chinese from SOAS, University of London, and went on to complete her master’s degree in Human Rights and Ethics at King’s College London. 

Prior to joining Pogust Goodhead in 2021, she worked for NGOs focusing on criminal and economic justice. As an advisor to the German Foreign Office, she has conducted extensive research on arms control and emerging technologies. 


Vicki graduated in both Business & Administration and Principles of Business & Administration. 

She is an experienced administrator who had worked within the NHS for 10 years, gaining extensive experience liaising with members of the public. 

She joined Pogust Goodhead in 2020 and is driven to achieving justice for our clients.

Trainee Solicitor

Erin graduated from the University of Liverpool with a degree in Law and is currently coaching the University’s Jessup International Law Moot Court Team. 

During her summers as a student, Erin was herself able to experience a vast spectrum of legal work. Examples of her exposure includes social welfare and housing law as a Triage Volunteer at the Liverpool Law Centre, child sexual exploitation during a University-funded research apprenticeship, international legal drafting in the Mergers, Acquisitions and Joint-Ventures Department of an international law firm and special education needs as a Student Advisor at the University of Liverpool Law Clinic. 

Currently, Erin is enjoying working in the firm’s Medical Product Liability Department after receiving a distinction in her LLM/LPC at the University of Law. 

Trainee Solicitor

Sarah graduated from King’s College London with a BA in European Studies and French. She completed the GDL in 2018 and holds an LLM in International Law from the School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London). As part of her LLM dissertation, Sarah wrote about the Nigerian Shell cases in connection to the Business and Human Rights Framework.   

Prior to joining Pogust Goodhead, Sarah worked in the environmental practice of White & Case’s London office where she assisted with advisory work on environmental and social compliance issues for project financings. She also interned at Advocates for International Development and the United Nations Association UK.  

Sarah is passionate about environmental law, business and human rights, access to justice and the rise of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards.    

Trainee Solicitor

Callum graduated from the University of Manchester with a degree in History. He completed his GDL at BPP Law School and is now undertaking the LPC part-time at the same institution. 

Callum decided to make the transition into a legal career after completing an in-house placement at the defence contractor, General Dynamics UK. During his time at BPP University, Callum undertook pro bono work for the homeless and housing charity Shelter UK. Here, he assisted clients on matters concerning poor housing conditions and disputes with landlords. 

Since joining Pogust Goodhead in January 2019, Callum has spent a month in Brazil working on a £5bn lawsuit against the mining company BHP. The trip involved travelling to affected areas throughout the country, meeting with victims of the 2015 Fundão Dam Disaster and learning about how their lives have been affected by its collapse. 

The highlight of the trip was being offered a unique opportunity to spend two days with the Pataxó, an indigenous tribe. It helped him to learn more about indigenous culture, their persecution and how the collapse affected their livelihoods. 

Legal Assistant

Shahirah graduated in 2012 in the discipline of International Relations, she decided to study as a Legal Secretary in 2018 and worked supporting a QC Property Barrister for two years before joining Pogust Goodhead as a Legal Assistant to the senior team. 


Gabriella graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo with a degree in Law and holds a master’s degree in Law from King’s College, London. She’s a leading, multi-jurisdictional lawyer whose impressive abilities have been repeatedly attested to by both colleagues and clients. Gabriella trained as a lawyer at leading law firms in Brazil and Germany before moving to London to further her studies. Following graduating with distinction from her LLM in International Dispute Resolution at King’s College, Gabriella joined PGMBM.

At PGMBM, Gabriella has personally led the representation of dozens of municipalities, bringing claims for over $2bn in the Fundão dam litigation. The excellence of her work in the Fundão dam litigation has led to her being approached by other Brazilian municipalities seeking overseas legal representation including the Municipality of Brumadinho following the collapse of Dam I at the Córrego do Feijão mine.

In the Brumadinho litigation against TÜV SÜD in Germany, Gabriella is leading a team of over 20 PGMBM lawyers and co-counsel to represent her municipal client and over 120 families of the deceased. Gabriella is a relentless campaigner for gender equality and social justice.

Trainee Solicitor

Adèle graduated from Toulouse 1 University Capitole with a degree in French and English Law, which also featured a year abroad at Sheffield Hallam University. She holds master’s degrees in General International Law from the Pantheon-Sorbonne University, European Union and World Trade Organisation Law from the University of Rennes 1 and an International Trade and Foreign Investments Law from the University of Ottawa. 

Since joining Pogust Goodhead in 2018, Adèle has spent two months in Brazil working on the Fundão Dam Litigation. This involved travelling throughout Brazil meeting both local victims and indigenous tribes affected by the disaster. 

Adèle has always been interested in international law and human rights. She has a long-standing involvement in supporting at-risk children in Europe and West Africa and, in 2015, volunteered at the minor’s detention centre in Lomé, Togo where she offered mental and legal support, working closely with the Togolese Ministry of Justice to improve rehabilitation programs and prison conditions.


Carolina graduated from the Milton Campos Law School with a degree in Law. She later specialised in civil and procedural law with a master’s degree at the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais, and in International Law at the International Law Centre in Brazil. 

Born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Carolina developed an interest in learning about different cultures from an early age. She was a Rotary Exchange Student in Wisconsin, USA and in Pátzcuaro, Mexico. In 2009, while in Wisconsin, she received a Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) and worked as a volunteer in Mississippi, helping to rebuild houses destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. 

Carolina is now a Brazilian qualified lawyer with an interest in environmental law. In 2018, she became Counsellor of the Basin Committee in Brazil and worked towards sustainable development of the São Francisco River Basin. 

Prior to moving to the United Kingdom, Carolina worked at a law firm specialising in civil and consumer law in Belo Horizonte. Since joining Pogust Goodhead, Carolina has worked on with the indigenous communities, businesses and individual victims of the collapse of the Fundão Dam in Mariana, Brazil. 

Senior Associate

Emily graduated from the University of Surrey with a degree in Law before completing her LPC with an LLM in Law, Business and Management at the University of Law in Guildford. 

She joined Pogust Goodhead as an Associate in May 2020 and is currently assisting with cross-jurisdictional matters, such as the Fundão Dam Litigation. 

Prior to joining Pogust Goodhead, Emily completed her training contract at a firm in Kent where she assisted with a variety of litigious cases concerning personal injury, medical negligence and cross-jurisdictional disputes.  

Emily has a strong interest in human rights and access to justice, having previously volunteered in Nicaragua with rural communities. She continues to mentor unaccompanied refugee minors in her spare time. 

Legal Director

Michael graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with an LLB before successfully completing his LPC at the same institution. 

He joined the Roll of Solicitors in 2016 and has over 10 years’ experience working in a variety of legal sectors such as personal injury, costs and financial negligence. 

After joining Pogust Goodhead in September 2019, Michael quickly became part of the core teams on both the Volkswagen NOx Emissions Group Litigation and British Airways Data Breach Group Litigation. He has an interest in data breach compliance and enjoys honing and exercising his litigation skills. 

Senior Associate

Roberta graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais with an LLB and holds a postgraduate degree in commercial law from the same university. 

She has over 8 years’ litigation experience and is registered with the Bar Association of Brazil (OAB). Specialised in commercial law, she was Counsel for some of the largest companies and multinationals in Latin America whilst also working within some of the top commercial law practices in Brazil. Her work has previously involved litigation management, advocacy and launching appeals before the Brazilian Supreme Court. Roberta moved to London in 2020 in order to expand her career internationally and further her studies. 

Outside of her career, Roberta has also worked as a volunteer in Brazil where she has acted as an English teacher for beginners, basic and intermediate levels. 


Jessika graduated from the University of Brasilia, Brazil with a degree in Law and holds a joint master’s degree in International Criminal Law from the University of Amsterdam and Columbia University. 

She has experience in human rights litigation after serving as a Legal Adviser for a Brazilian Judge at the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and has also served for a criminal lawyer in white-collar cases in the aftermath of the Carwash Scandal in Brazil. 

Outside of her legal activities, Jessika engaged in numerous volunteer projects. She taught English for children and teenagers in one of the most disadvantaged communities in the surroundings of Brasilia in the Voluntearchers Program and has also assisted in the organisation of UN Models in various schools in Brasilia, whilst also providing international law and human rights law lessons for the participants. 

Jessika’s native language is Portuguese, but she is also fluent in English and Spanish. 


Catarina graduated from the Federal University of Pernambuco with a degree in Law. She also holds an LLM in Commercial Law from Queen Mary University, during which she was elected as a Student Representative. She was also awarded a Chevening Scholarship, which is a UK awards scheme aimed at developing global leaders.  

During her time in academia, she participated in extra-curricular activities such as acting as a Professor’s Assistant in Bankruptcy Law, organising international legal tournaments and participating in mock trials. She was also involved in legal research projects, one of them being sponsored by the Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development which resulted in her presenting in their annual seminar. 

Catarina has also been engaged in numerous volunteer projects. She taught History for high school students from the public system in Brazil in a project called Vestibular Cidadão and acted as the Content Coordinator of Brazil Forum UK 2019, one of the biggest conferences to discuss Brazil in the world. In the latter, Catarina mediated the Democracy Panel which discussed the biggest challenges in the current political situation of Brazil. 

Her professional experience includes participation in general business law matters such as bankruptcy, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructurings, negotiating international contracts, setting up new companies and dealing with government bodies on company related issues. Additionally, she worked in the World Cup Organization Office in Brazil, assisting with administrative contracts and brand protection issues, as well as in the Federal Court of Appeal of the 5th Region. 

Legal Director

Bruna graduated from the Mackenzie Presbyterian University in São Paulo with a degree in Law and holds two master’s degrees in both Human Rights and Civil Procedure. 

Before joining Pogust Goodhead, Bruna practiced as a lawyer at leading law firms in Brazil which dealt with top banks and organisations in tax law.  

Throughout her time in Brazil, she also gained important experience working with an appellate Judge at the Court of Appeals of the State of São Paulo, benefitting from hands-on service in matters relating to civil law and civil procedure law and advising in class action judgments. 

Additionally, Bruna has taught civil law and civil procedural law in preparatory courses for the Brazilian Bar Association Examination before moving to London to further her international portfolio. 


Romona graduated with a degree in law in 1997. She worked in business development for over 12 years where she established an interest in corporate responsibility and good governance. She returned to the law in 2010 to qualify and was called to the Bar of England and Wales in 2013. 

She joined Leigh Day in 2014 to develop her experience of corporate responsibility relative to the law and qualify as a Solicitor. Romona worked on a variety of cases including the Shell Nigeria Group Litigation, Zimmer Durom Metal on Metal Hip Group Litigation (and assisting on the larger DePuy Pinnacle Metal on Metal Group Litigation), Infected Blood Public Inquiry, Volkswagen NOx Emissions Group Litigation and several individual clinical trials cases. 

Away from legal practice, Romona spent a year in Northern Ireland lecturing on business law, corporate social responsibility and corporate governance. She is passionate about using her skills to encourage best practise, mitigate risk and to eliminate negative impacts on our world.  

In her spare time, she enjoys running, swimming and cycling. She also likes to travel. 


Felipe is a Brazilian Lawyer, admitted to the Brazilian Bar Association in 2018 and a European Lawyer, admitted to the Portuguese Bar Association in 2019. He graduated with an LLB at the University of São Paulo and is an LLM Candidate in Environmental Law at Queen Mary University of London. 

During his time at the University of São Paulo, Felipe and his friends created the Environmental Law Clinic Paulo Nogueira Neto; a group focused on developing environmental and sustainability awareness inside and outside the University.  

Felipe joined Pogust Goodhead in 2018 and, since then, has been representing Brazilian victims of human rights abuse against multinationals companies. Before that, Felipe worked as a pro bono lawyer at the Departamento Juridico XI de Agosto of the University of São Paulo, providing legal assistance to those who cannot access justice. 

Trainee Solicitor

Meabh graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a first-class Bachelor of Laws degree. In 2020, she completed the Bachelor of Civil Law at University of Oxford, graduating with distinction. 

Prior to joining Pogust Goodhead, Meabh acted as Judicial Assistant to Judge Michael W. Fitzgerald at the United States Federal Court (Los Angeles), interned at the office of the Attorney General of Ireland and worked as Research Assistant to Professor of Law, Laura Hoyano. 

Meabh has a keen interest in social justice and private international law. In 2019, she worked for a humanitarian organisation in Moria Refugee Camp; she has also published legal research for Oxford Pro Bono Publico in their report ‘‘Best Interests of the Child’ Assessment in Immigration Detention Proceedings’. As a result of these interests, she brings enthusiasm to her work on Fundão Dam Litigation.


Gladuela graduated from the University of Liverpool with an LLB. She qualified as a Solicitor in November 2016 and continued to pursue her passion of advocacy, attaining a Solicitor Advocate qualification in February 2017. 

Gladuela has extensive experience in handling matters from inception to trial. She has successfully conducted advocacy before Circuit Judges in both Fast-Track and Multi-Track matters.  

Coming from a background primarily comprised of litigation, Gladuela has successfully litigated numerous catastrophic injury and clinical negligence matters of up to £8.8M in value; including cases concerning spinal cord injuries, quadriplegia, cerebral palsy, cauda equine syndrome and severe brain injuries. Gladuela also has experience of property litigation where she acted for corporate companies both in residential and commercial property matters. This experience has enabled Gladuela to develop a vast knowledge and understanding of the CPR and relevant case law, as well as excellent client care and communication skills which she utilises daily in her work at PGMBM. 

With a keen interest in pursuing justice, Gladuela prides herself on maintaining integrity during the perpetual pressures of litigation, she boldly challenges erroneous thinking during the process and demystifies legal jargon to aid the understanding of the lay person. 


Anna read Law at the University of Cambridge, graduating in 2015. Since then, she has obtained distinction-grade master’s degrees from the University of Warwick in 2017 (LLM in International Development Law and Human Rights) and from the University of Law in 2018 (MSc in Law, Business and Management).   

Anna trained at a boutique, public law firm in London where she worked for a variety of public bodies. At the same firm, she undertook a five-month secondment to an NHS Trust during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Anna is passionate about equality and human rights and has participated in various related internships – including working in the US on death penalty appeals and in Kenya, working on several access to justice projects in maximum security prisons. She also won the Public Interest Litigation Essay Competition at Warwick University and was awarded an internship based out of the Supreme Court of India and Delhi Commission for Women. 

Anna currently works on the firm’s actions relating to Transvaginal Mesh, Primodos and Essure, as well as the Orange Juice Cartel Litigation. 


Celine read Jurisprudence at the University of Oxford, after which, she achieved a distinction-level LLM in Commercial Legal Practice. She qualified as a Solicitor in England & Wales in March 2021.  

Celine has experience practicing dispute resolution in the UK, the USA, and the UAE, ranging from commercial litigation and arbitration to class actions. Having started her career as a Fellow in a boutique Los Angeles litigation firm, she then trained in the UK at an international commercial law firm. She is now pursuing her passion for human and environmental justice by joining Pogust Goodhead’s international team.    

Celine predominantly works on the group litigation in England and Wales arising from the collapse of the Fundão Dam.


Kamen graduou-se no King’s College London com uma licenciatura em Direito de primeira classe. Ele também possui um diploma de LLM de primeira classe pela Universidade de Cambridge, onde se especializou em Direito Ambiental e Resolução de Disputas Internacionais. 

Durante seus estudos, Kamen obteve vários prêmios e bolsas de estudo por seu excepcional desempenho acadêmico. 

Antes de ingressar no PGMBM, Kamen formou-se em um grande escritório internacional de advocacia corporativa, completando várias vagas com foco em Direito Ambiental e Litígio Comercial. Depois de se qualificar como advogado, Kamen ingressou no PGMBM e tem trabalhado em litígios de grupo nacionais e internacionais com foco ambiental. 


Janice is a Hong Kong qualified (pending admission) Solicitor with multi-jurisdictional legal experience (E&W, Hong Kong, P.R.C., Cayman Islands, B.V.I., U.S., Russia etc.). She graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a double degree in Laws and Social Sciences (Government). 

Following completion of her Postgraduate Certificate in Laws at the University of Hong Kong, Janice trained at Simmons & Simmons’ Hong Kong office for two years. During this time, she spent six months on secondment in the firm’s Litigation & Arbitration Department in London, with a primary focus on civil fraud and bank disputes. Apart from contentious matters, Janice also has experience in a wide range of transactional work, ranging from investment funds, debt capital markets, acquisition finance to IPOs and M&A. 

Janice relocated to London and joined Pogust Goodhead in October 2020. Since joining the firm, she has been working on the NOx Emissions portfolio against various automobile manufacturers. 

Growing up in Hong Kong, Janice is trilingual in Cantonese, English and Mandarin. 

Trainee Solicitor

After reading International Politics, Economics and Law as an undergraduate, Paul attended BPP Law School where he undertook an LLM as his qualifying law degree.  

Before joining Pogust Goodhead in 2020, Paul spent two years at a global arbitral institution where he featured prominently as part of an internal record-breaking disputes team. His vacation scheme at Bench Walk Advisors LLC compounded his interest for the intricacies of class action case funding.  

Paul draws upon his strong commercial acumen and rigorous attention to detail to bring a focused and strategic approach to his work across the firm’s case portfolio.  

Senior Associate

Thaís graduated from the Federal University of Rondônia (UNIR) with a degree in Law. She holds a M.A. in Human Rights (suma cum laude) from Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU), where she was awarded the Deutschlandstipendium, a German scholarship program to award the most gifted students from FAU.

Thaís has experience in Brazilian law in the areas of criminal, civil and administrative law, as well as in International Human Rights Law and International Criminal Law. She worked at the Rondônia State Court of Justice (TJRO), initially as a legal clerk in the Criminal Section and later as a legal advisor to judges in the Appeals Chamber. She was officially praised in the Court Gazette for the services provided in the Appeals Chamber. Thaís also worked as a Visiting Professional at the International Criminal Court (ICC) for almost a year, where she provided legal advice to Judge Alapini-Gansou on issues of human rights and international law.

During her bachelor’s degree, Thaís worked a research assistant in the research group Ethics and Human Rights at UNIR, where she conducted research on the foundation of human rights and criminology, a research project funded by the Scientific Initiation Scholarship Program of the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq). She has published articles on the philosophy of human rights.

At Pogust Goodhead, Thaís works in transnational cases, with a focus on environmental protection and human and collective rights.


Ali completed his Bachelor of Law at the University of Istanbul in 2019 as the top student. He came to the UK to study Magister Juris at the University of Oxford with the EU Jean-Monnet Scholarship and Oxford Law Faculty Scholarship. During his Master, he mainly studied Competition Law, IP Law and Legal Concepts of Environmental Law.  Afterwards, he worked for a FinTech start-up in London as IP and Privacy Paralegal. As an aspiring solicitor, he also started his GDL at BPP University.

Ali joined Pogust Goodhead in July 2021 and is currently working on EasyJet Data Breach Case and Emission Cartel Case. Having a particular interest in corporate social responsibility, he holds a Representative position at the Pogust Goodhead CSR Committee.


Phoebe is an experienced litigator and solicitor-advocate who has dedicated her career to commercial dispute resolution. Phoebe currently assists in the Volkswagen emissions litigation and has worked with the victims of the Mariana Dam disaster in Brazil.

Prior to her admission to the roll of solicitors in England and Wales, Phoebe obtained a first class law degree and attended the University of London Institute in Paris for her master’s degree in international business law. She obtained her civil higher rights of audience in 2021.  

She enjoys the cut and thrust of litigation, but in her spare time Phoebe practises yoga and is a volunteer mentor for The Girls Network, a charity which aims to empower girls from the least advantaged communities by connecting them to a network of professional women.

Digital Designer

Jason graduated from IIE-Vega in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2016 with a degree in Creative Brand Communications and a core discipline in Multimedia. During his studies, his work was selected for the Loeries Awards; D&AD New Blood Awards & Promax BDA Awards.

Before joining Pogust Goodhead, he was the Senior Marketing Coordinator for a leading Microsoft Gold Partner in South Africa.

With a deep-rooted interest in digital innovation & accessible design, he has worked in a multitude of design mediums including web development, user interface (UI) design, sound engineering, video production, post-production, e-commerce, illustration & brand identity design.

Jason enjoys leveraging his design & development knowledge to provide innovative hybrid solutions to an ever-changing digital world.

‘Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.’

Senior Marketing Manager

Joanne graduated with a degree in English & Italian Literature from Warwick University.

She has worked in both B2B and B2C, across multiple sectors including publishing, commodities, and law. Before joining Pogust Goodhead she was Head of Consumer Marketing at a newspaper for children, promoting the importance of a trustworthy and unbiased, age-appropriate news for young people.

Joanne has many years of experience running multi-channel campaigns that engage, inform and persuade and is delighted to be able to bring this experience to Pogust Goodhead, ensuring access to justice for as many people as possible.

Ian Berg serves as a Partner in the firm’s Global Securities Litigation Department, as the head of U.S. Securities Litigation. Ian is an experienced litigator who has represented institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals in U.S. securities class actions and direct actions, leading to the recovery over $4 billion in losses due to alleged fraud and misrepresentations. Ian has strong skills in all aspects of complex litigation, including developing and implementing redress strategies, leading litigation and discovery, and negotiating favorable resolutions. Ian has argued successfully before federal courts throughout the United States, including U.S. Federal District Courts and U.S. Courts of Appeal.
Ian has favorably resolved several U.S. securities class actions while serving as the Court-appointed Lead Counsel, and a number of individual direct actions while serving as the lead litigator on behalf of notable institutional investors and various types of funds. Ian also played an important role on the litigation teams prosecuting some of the largest securities fraud cases brought on behalf of investors in the United States, including the “IPO Securities Litigation” action that encompassed more than 300 companies and 50 investment banks involved in a massive scandal related to IPO practices in the early 2000s and the notorious Tyco securities fraud litigation that recovered over $3 billion for investors.
Ian’s representative cases include:
Lord Abbett Affiliated Fund, Inc., et al. v. American International Group, Inc. et al., 1:15-cv-00774-LTS (S.D.N.Y.)
General Electric Pension Trust, et al. v. American International Group, Inc. et al., 1:15-cv- 00957-LTS (S.D.N.Y.)
City of Orlando Police Pension Fund v. Page, 4:13-cv-02038-PJH (N.D. Cal.)
Pyramid Holdings, Inc. v TerraForm Global, Inc. et al, 1:16-cv-07981-PKC (S.D.N.Y.)
In re Volkswagen “Clean Diesel” Marketing, Sales Practices, and Products Liability Litigation, MDL No. 2672 (CRB); BRS v. Volkswagen AG, et al., 16-cv-3435 (N.D. Cal.) (“Bondholder Securities Action”)
Ian is most proud of his work educating investors about securities litigation. Towards that goal, Ian has been a speaker on various topics and has authored or co-authored the following articles: “Other People’s Money: The Unrealized Conflicts of Securities Lending” (Wall Street Lawyer, July 2010); “Why Institutional Investors Opt-Out of Securities Fraud Class Actions and Pursue Direct Individual Actions” (PLI Securities Litigation and Enforcement Institute, July 23, 2009); “Credit Rating Agencies: Out of Control and in Need of Reform” (Securities Litigation & Regulation Reporter, June 30, 2009); “Ruling Warns Funds to Follow Class Actions” (Pensions & Investments, December 8, 2008); and “The 7th Circuit Sends a Strong Message: Institutions Must Monitor Securities Class Actions Claims” (The NAPPA Report, August 2008).
Ian attended the Northwestern University School of Law and Northwestern University.


Jack joined Pogust Goodhead’s London office in January 2022. He graduated from Sussex University with a BA (Hons) in Politics and an MA in Conflict, Security and Development before completing both the GDL and the LPC at the College of Law in London. 

He qualified as a solicitor from a leading claimant law firm in London in 2017. He has developed significant experience protecting the fundamental freedoms of his clients in a variety of challenging contexts, many of which have attracted considerable media attention. He has worked on high profile litigation before the High Court, the Special Immigration Appeal Commission, the Supreme Court and the Privy Council.   

Prior to joining Pogust Goodhead Jack worked as a Solicitor at Birnberg Peirce where he conducted litigation concerning national security. 

Jack is dedicated to securing justice for his clients and holding powerful actors to account for their actions, both domestically and abroad. 

In his spare time, Jack is a keen swimmer and enjoys live music. 


Tahsin completed her Law degree in 2020 with a First Class as well as completing her LPC in 2021 with a Distinction, both at City, University of London. 

Tahsin is currently a Paralegal in the Client Care team working on the Diesel Emissions case. She has a passion to provide justice when it is needed and enjoys engaging with clients. 

She has undertaken work experience in different fields of law including crime, conveyancing and litigation. She aims to obtain a training contract in order to fulfil her desire of becoming a fully qualified solicitor. 

Takeo Kellar is Of Counsel in the firm’s Global Securities Litigation Department.

Takeo has nearly 20 years of experience representing institutional and individual investors in U.S. class action and direct action securities fraud litigation and corporate governance derivative litigation.

Takeo’s extensive experience and strong skills in all aspects of complex and class action litigation in state, federal and appellate courts, provides a valuable resource in developing and implementing redress strategies and litigating favorable resolutions for the firm’s clients.

Takeo is a graduate of the University of California, Riverside (B.A.) and the University of San Diego School of Law (J.D.). Takeo is admitted to practice in the State of California and before the U.S. District Courts for the Northern, Central, and Southern Districts of California, and the U.S. Courts of Appeal for the Third and Ninth Circuits.

Joshua Neuman joined Pogust Millrood (now Pogust Goodhead) in 2020.

Prior to joining Pogust Goodhead, Josh was an associate at a premier defense firm in the Philadelphia area, representing medical providers in professional liability actions. Josh also represented putative classes in complex civil litigations against pharmaceutical companies.

At Pogust Goodhead, Josh represents individuals in mass tort, products liability, class action, and personal injury claims. Josh serves as an arbitrator in the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas. The primary focus of these complex civil matters includes pharmaceutical drugs and devices, consumer fraud, and harmful products. Josh also represents businesses in commercial litigation matters. As an associate, Josh provides insight throughout each phase of the litigation – including the pleadings, discovery, pre-trial, and trial stages.

Josh graduated with Honors from the University of Michigan, and attended Temple University Beasley School of Law. While in Law School, Josh was President of the Jewish Law Students Association and advocated for students’ rights as a conduct board advisor. Following his first year of law school, Josh interned for Judge Angelo J. Foglietta in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, and Judge Mary K. White in the Superior Court of New Jersey. He also clerked for two preeminent Philadelphia law firms, giving him the opportunity to participate in depositions, arbitrations, and settlement negotiations.

Outside of his legal practice, Josh is an active board member of the Greater Philly Hillel Network and the Brandeis Law Society. Josh is also an avid sports fan, and enjoys playing softball, football, volleyball, and golf. Josh resides in Center City Philadelphia with his wife and Boston Terrier, Ernie.


• J.D., Temple University Beasley School of Law, 2016

• B.A., University of Michigan, 2013


• Pennsylvania

• New Jersey

• Michigan

• United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania

• United States District Court for the District of New Jersey

• United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan

Professional Associations and Memberships

• Pennsylvania Bar Association

• New Jersey State Bar Association

• Philadelphia Bar Association

• Montgomery County Bar Association

• The American Association for Justice

• The Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association

• Pennsylvania Association for Justice

• Oakland County Bar Association


• Recognized by Pennsylvania Super Lawyers, Rising Star 2020 – 2022

Mike Daly is the Managing Partner of Pogust Goodhead’s Philadelphia office.  

Mike joined Pogust Millrood (which would later become Pogust Goodhead) in 2014. Prior to joining the firm, Mike was a healthcare litigation lawyer in a large Philadelphia-based defense firm where he represented medical facilities and healthcare professionals in civil liability cases.

At Pogust Goodhead, Mike represents individuals throughout the country in class action and mass tort claims involving consumer fraud, environmental harm, defective medical devices, and harmful pharmaceuticals. Mike spent his first several years at Pogust Goodhead serving as bellwether counsel in the Testosterone Replacement Therapy, Mentor pelvic mesh, GranuFlo dialysate, and Zofran birth injury MDLs.  Mike also has managed the firm’s Roundup herbicide litigation and represents hundreds of plaintiffs in their pursuit for justice against the manufacturer of Roundup, Monsanto.

Currently, Mike is serving as lead counsel on behalf of hundreds of individuals in the Injectafer intravenous iron lawsuits pending in Philadelphia state and federal court.   

Mike and his team at Pogust Goodhead commenced and have led the Injectafer lawsuits since their inception in 2018. 

Mike is also heavily involved in the litigation involving certain hernia mesh products and serves as the Co-Chair of the American Association for Justice (AAJ) Hernia Mesh Litigation Group. He has been appointed to leadership positions in both the Bard Davol Hernia Mesh Litigation that has been coordinated in Rhode Island state court (Plaintiff’s Steering Committee), and continues in his Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee leadership role in the Ethicon Physiomesh, Proceed, and Prolene Hernia System (PHS) multicounty litigation mass torts that involve thousands of plaintiffs injured by Ethicon’s products.   

Mike also leads the firm’s efforts in the Abbott formula recall and Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC) litigations, as well as the Elmiron vision loss litigation that is pending in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.  Mike’s efforts have resulted in millions of dollars in recovery for our firm’s clients.

Since our US firm’s evolution into an international law firm with offices in the US, UK, Netherlands, and Brazil, Mike is busy building products liability litigations on behalf of claimants worldwide, and often relies on the expertise and experience built during his career as a US litigator.  In addition to litigating, Mike also serves as a guest speaker on mass torts and products liability matters at seminars both stateside and internationally.  Mike has lectured frequently at the American Association for Justice (AAJ) conventions, Harris Martin conventions, and even internationally at a litigation conference held at Oxford University.    

On a more informal note, Mike was born, raised, and educated in Pennsylvania and has spent most of his life in the greater Philadelphia region. He is a proud 2007 graduate of Penn State and 2010 graduate of the Villanova School of Law.  In his ever-dwindling spare time, Mike remains an active member of Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence Region and a supporter of the Penn State Alumni Association.  Of course, Mike’s favorite time is spent away from work with his wife, son, and dog! 

Senior Associate Foreign Qualified (New Zealand)

Catherine is a New Zealand qualified Senior Associate in Pogust Goodhead’s London office. Admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand, she holds a BA/LLB from the University of Auckland, double majoring in French and Italian. She also speaks Shanghai dialect and Mandarin. 

Prior to joining Pogust Goodhead, Catherine worked at a boutique City litigation firm covering a broad range of commercial disputes, most notably, one of the biggest claimant groups in the interchange fee proceedings supported by third party litigation funding. Before moving to London, Catherine spent several years in a well-respected commercial law and litigation firm in Auckland, frequently appearing in the District and High Courts as counsel and junior counsel, as well as assisting with applications in the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. Catherine has also had a career as a Management Consultant at one of the “Big Four”, in which time she dealt with government agencies across New Zealand and Australia.  

Born in Shanghai but raised in Auckland, as an ex-pat in London, Catherine is passionate about cultural and ethnic diversity. As a “Tidy Kiwi”, Catherine is interested in environmental issues, particularly surrounding the ways to minimise the carbon footprint of litigation and the wider legal industry. 


Edmund is a lawyer (England and Wales qualified) with a keen interest in Sustainable Development, Human Rights, and environmental protection. His legal experience includes litigation in the High Court, mediations and arbitrations on multi-million-pound matters concerning fraud, misrepresentation, energy disputes, commodities, infrastructure and construction.  

Edmund graduated with a first class degree in Modern and Medieval Languages from the University of Cambridge, and speaks English (native), French, Spanish and Portuguese. After graduating he gained professional experience in the not-for-profit sectors in the UK and Brazil, including working for an NGO that supports Rio de Janeiro’s favela communities with community development programmes and human rights issues. Edmund transitioned to studying law in 2016 to develop experience in global trade, commerce, energy and infrastructure, in order to gain the legal skills necessary to advocate for causes about which he is passionate. 

Before joining Pogust Goodhead in 2022, Edmund completed his training contract at HFW and worked in Mayer Brown’s Litigation and Dispute Resolution team (focusing on both contentious and non-contentious construction and infrastructure law). 

James Barry

James A. Barry is a partner with Pogust Goodhead where he concentrates his practice on complex civil litigation. Mr. Barry predominantly handles cases involving environmental contamination, mass torts, and class/collective actions involving data breaches, consumer fraud and employee wage theft. Mr. Barry has been involved in a number of notable consumer decisions in New Jersey including:

Martinez-Santiago v. Public Storage, 28 F. Supp. 3d 500 (D.N.J. 2014)

Martinez-Santiago v. Public Storage, 312 F.R.D. 380 (D.N.J. 2015)

Johnson v. Wynn’s Extended Care, 635 Fed. Appx. 59 (3d Cir. 2015)

Castro v. Sovran Self Storage, 114 F. Supp. 3d 204 (D.N.J. 2015)

Morgan v. Sanford Brown Institute, 225 N.J. 289 (2016)

Roach v. BM Motoring LLC, 228 N.J. 163 (2017)

Dugan v. TGI Fridays, Inc., 231 N.J. 24 (2017)

Mellet v. Aquasid, LLC. 452 N.J. Super 23 (App. Div. 2017)

Spade v. Select Comfort, 232 N.J. 504 (2018)

Moore v. Atlantic County, 2018 WL 4354304 (App. Div. 2018)

Kernahan v. Home Warranty Administrator of Florida, Inc., 236 N.J. 301 (2019)

James also currently serves on the Plaintiff’s Executive Committees for In Re Physiomesh Litigation (Flexible Composite Mesh), MCL 627; In re Proceed Mesh Litigation (Proceed Surgical Mesh and Proceed Ventral Patch Hernia Mesh), MCL 630; and In re Prolene Hernia System Mesh Litigation, MCL 633, currently pending in Atlantic County Superior Court. He has also served on the Plaintiff’s Executive Committee in In re Experian Data Breach Litigation (C.D. Cal) and In re Yapstone Data Breach Litigation (N.D.Cal).

James is the past co-chair of the consumer protection law committee of the New Jersey State Bar Association (2018-2019) and has previously served as the co-chair of the consumer law committee for the New Jersey Association for Justice (2016-2018).  He is also the co-author, along with United States Magistrate Judge Joel Schneider, of the New Jersey Class Actions chapter of the New Jersey ICLE’s Mass Torts & Class Actions Treatise.

James received his law degree cum laude from Rutgers School of Law – Camden. He is licensed to practice in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. 


Partner | Chief Operating Officer

Alicia Alinia serves on the firm’s Global Board and provides leadership and strategic vision with over 20 years in the legal sector. She is responsible for driving results, facilitating growth, and increasing overall efficiency across multiple jurisdictions with an uncompromising commitment to improving client experience.  

Alicia started her career as a litigator having been involved in many high-profile cases representing institutional and individual clients.
She moved into Executive leadership with a specific specialism in transformation & change, culture change,  performance improvement, restructuring & turnaround. 

Alicia is an experienced public speaker and media commentator across tv, local and international news.

Kieran Dyer

Head of Engineering

Kieran is the Head of Engineering at Pogust Goodhead, responsible for a cross-functional engineering team who continuously strive to develop our CRM and Marketing tools. 

Before joining Pogust Goodhead in 2022, Kieran served as the Head of Technology for a start-up operating within the Property Management space. He was responsible for the entire software portfolio, both with his strategic oversight and technical ability. With over six years of experience as a Software Developer on the Salesforce platform, Kieran has supported the growth of numerous businesses operating in varying industries through the effective use of technology. 

Kieran volunteers for Essex Police as a Special Constable outside of work – a role he has undertaken alongside his paid positions for over four years. 

Head of Strategic Communications

As Head of Strategic Communications, Priscilla develops and leads media and public affairs strategies focused on Brazilian claims in which Pogust Goodhead acts. Priscilla brings together political experience and media expertise to build relationships across different actors, increasing the impact of cases and helping plaintiffs get one step closer to justice. 

A journalist with over 14 years of experience in political and economic coverage and press management, Priscilla headed the communication office of Senator and former Minister of Agriculture Kátia Abreu for over six years. She gathered political and societal insights to actively participate in the debate on new public policies aimed at sectors such as sustainable development, agribusiness, natural resources and financing. 

Before, Priscilla was a reporter for Rede Globo (G1 website) as a correspondent at the headquarters of the Presidency of Brazil and the National Congress. Also acted as a political reporter in several other outlets and broadcasts, such as Rede Record, SBT and Correio Braziliense. 

Priscilla holds a Masters’s Degree in Politics and Communications from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and an MBA in Digital Marketing at Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV). She is graduated as a journalist at Universidade de Brasília (UnB). 

Paralegal (Business Development)


Elsie graduated from Durham University in 2022 with a degree in English Literature. She is delighted to start working as a Paralegal in the Business Development team after participating in Pogust Goodhead’s 2022 Vacation Scheme.

Elsie is excited to begin a career in law and is particularly interested in human rights and increasing access to justice.

She will be working administratively as part of the business development team within the firm and will assist in developing the strategic partnerships that Pogust Goodhead has formed.

At University, Elsie volunteered for Empower Her Voice, an intersectional feminist organisation with the aim of vocalising marginalised issues, as well as fundraising for various charities internationally.

She also enjoyed training with the Durham University Athletics Club and was an editor for her college magazine.

Client Care Supervisor 

With over 5 years of experience in customer service, Marta has joined Pogust Goodhead in 2021 as a Client Care Supervisor. Marta is a Prince2 certified Project Manager, she is committed to delivering efficient customer service and is always open to exploring cutting-edge tech solutions to improve business processes. Besides her line manager role, she has been working closely with the Operations Team to achieve important milestones while the business evolves.

Lawyer (English and Welsh Law Qualified)

Abigail is a qualified solicitor (England & Wales) with an international law background and a passion for using the law to protect the environment and human rights. 

Abigail holds an undergraduate degree in law from the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom, including a year studying international and European law at the Université de Strasbourg (France). She also holds a master’s in public international law from the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands (cum laude graduate). Prior to qualifying as a solicitor, Abigail worked in a number of different roles including as a freelance reporter at the European Parliament in Strasbourg and a legal intern at the International Secretariat of Amnesty International in London. 

From 2017, Abigail trained and worked as a solicitor at the international law firm Baker McKenzie, working in both London and Hong Kong during her training. During this time, Abigail gained experience advising on a wide range of contentious and non-contentious issues, ranging from UK employment law and pensions law to international trade law and European competition law. During this time, Abigail maintained a passionate interest in pro bono work and became heavily involved in numerous different projects with a particular focus on children’s rights, as well as regularly volunteering at her local legal advice centre. 

Legal Director

 Megan is a legal director in our Edinburgh office.  She is an experienced litigator who has had varied practice to date.  She has dealt with high-value, high-profile, and complex matters throughout Scotland.  She has experience in product liability, clinical negligence, historic abuse, regulatory matters, and personal injury reparation cases.  She has also acted for core participants in a Scottish public inquiry.   

Prior to joining Pogust Goodhead, Megan worked at JustRight Scotland, where she was the lead solicitor to Scottish Women’s Rights Centre.  Megan provided legal advice and representation to women in Scotland affected by gender-based violence as part of this role.   

Megan has a strong interest in human rights, medical law, and access to justice.   

Junior Data Analyst 

Joe studied Mathematics at Durham University and joined Pogust Goodhead straight after to gain new skills and work as a Junior Data Analyst.

He worked as a student web developer throughout his degree and has proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python. He has grade 8 in piano and still enjoys playing regularly.

On top of this, he played pool for the university team and is always keen for a game. 

HR Administrator 

Maisoun is currently studying Human Resource Management at Bedfordshire University. She has eight years of experience working for a medical insurance company and one year of experience working in Marketing. 

From her current studies, she has gained knowledge on HR practice and strategies, and is now excited to use what her learnings, and  previous experiences, to be part of the HR team here at Pogust Goodhead. 


Virginia graduated from King’s College London with a BA in History and then went on to complete her MA in Irish Politics at Queen’s University Belfast where she studied post-conflict transitional justice, peace-building, and human rights. After graduating, she interned at Amnesty International before moving to Seville, Spain to work as a Legal Assistant for the Spanish Refugee Aid Commission. In 2017, Virginia also spent six months as a Trainee Lawyer in a law firm in Paris, assisting the competition, insurance, data protection, civil, and criminal litigation departments.  

Virginia then completed her training contract at Irwin Mitchell, where she litigated high-value, complex, cross-border disputes acting on behalf of ordinary people affected by terrorist attacks, accidents, and aviation disasters abroad. She worked on the group claim brought by victims of the 2015 Tunisia terrorist attack against the UK tour operator. Virginia also worked in the product liability and group actions team where she was involved in high profile class actions including the metal-on-metal hip implant litigation and the Lariam anti-malaria group claim brought by British army veterans against the Ministry of Defence.   

Virginia qualified as a solicitor in 2019 and then spent two years at Clyde & Co representing insurers in high profile coverage disputes involving US class action litigation against multinational corporations including oil majors, Big Pharma, and manufacturing companies in multi-million-dollar disputes relating to defective drugs, oil spills, environmental contamination, pollution, and climate change. 

Virginia is passionate about pro bono, social justice, and diversity and inclusion. She has been involved in a number of pro bono projects in the past and currently mentors students from disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue successful careers in law.  

Virginia speaks five languages – native English and Italian, fluent French, intermediate Spanish, and beginners Farsi/Dari. 


Hawar “Howie” Shawki started at PGMBM as a Paralegal (Client Care) in September 2021.

Howie is pursuing a career as a Solicitor and is seeking a Training Contract with a particular interest in the Entertainment and Media sectors.

Practice areas of interest are Corporate and Commercial, Media and Intellectual Property Litigation.

He is currently undertaking his Legal Practice Course part-time at BPP University Law School and recently graduated with a Commendation in his PGDL (Law Conversion Course), also at BPP. Whilst studying for his PGDL, Howie became the Chief Communications Officer for the Film Law Society.

Also, he worked Pro Bono with Care4Calais using his Kurdish language skills to assist Asylum and Refugee lawyers with migrants crossing the English Channel.

Howie studied Public Relations with Film Studies at London Metropolitan University for his undergraduate degree, gaining Upper Second-Class Honours. Subsequently, he went to SOAS and earned a master’s in international studies and Diplomacy.

From 2017 to 2020, Howie worked as a freelance Producer and Assistant Director in independent Film and TV production, mainly in New York City and in the UK and France.

Before this role, he worked in the business events industry as a Conference Producer serving the Oil and Gas, Investment Management, and Foreign Affairs sectors.

Howie also worked as a Parliamentary Aide for a Liberal Democrat MP and at the Kurdistan Regional Government’s UK Representation as a Research and Communications Assistant.


Thais is a fully qualified Brazilian lawyer, who graduated from the Federal University of Minas Gerais. She is currently studying the GDL at Nottingham Trent University. 

As an Associate at Pogust Goodhead, Thais has been working on the Brazilian cases, including the Mariana dam disaster claim. Providing excellent and professional service to our clients, as well as supporting them along the way, are her top priorities. 

Thais is fluent in Portuguese and English.


Eden completed her LLB Law at the University of Southampton in 2020 and then went on to do the LLM/LPC at the Uni of law finishing in 2021.  

Her studies have been focused on experiences in corporate law. Intellectual property law is one of her primary interests and an area she has some experience in, basing her dissertation on this by focusing on the IP Laws of Europe and how they affected creativity in the fashion industry. Eden’s goal is to qualify as a solicitor in the near future. 

Head of Talent Acquisition 

James has over twenty years of experience working in Talent Acquisition for various organisations, including both agency and in-house roles. James’ most recent roles have included working with NBCUniversal International in both recruiting and TA Operations roles across multiple countries, including two years in Singapore covering the Asia Pacific. James’s last role was with PMI managing Talent Acquisition across the UK and Nordics. 

James is passionate about supporting firms in building talented, diverse, and equitable teams. 

Client Services Quality Co-ordinator

Following a career break, Tomoko joined Pogust Goodhead’s Client Service Quality Team in November 2021.  

Originally from Australia, Tomoko graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws. 

Tomoko qualified as a solicitor in Australia, where she worked as an employment and workplace lawyer in private practice. She also has experience in litigation, immigration law and investigatory work while working in the UK. Tomoko also speaks fluent Japanese.  

Tomoko is excited to be a part of Pogust Goodhead and to support the firm’s ethos of social justice. 


Prior to joining PGMBM, Conor trained between the Dublin and London offices of international law firm Matheson, the Irish law firm of choice for international companies doing business in and from Ireland. 

Conor has a broad range of both contentious and advisory legal experience, in each instance working on complex matters which often attract significant media coverage.  Most recently, Conor has advised the trustees of some of Ireland’s largest pension schemes on their legal obligations and duties in novel instances for the Irish jurisdiction.  Conor has also advised the employers or other contributors to large trust arrangements on sensitive matters such as stepping away from multi-million-euro contribution obligations without incurring significant liability.  

Conor’s most recent litigation experience includes acting as the primary associate advisor to the trustees of one of the largest pension schemes in Ireland when they were faced with threats from the Scheme’s funding employer to alter the scheme significantly and avoid making significant payments to the scheme.   

Prior to training at Matheson, Conor gained experience working at renowned plaintiff clinical negligence firm Damien Tansey Solicitors LLP, where he had the day to day responsibility for a 30 file caseload and acted as lead firm advisor in several high profile periodic payment orders before the Irish High Court. 

Legal Executive Assistant 

Jemima graduated from the University of Reading in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Classics, later obtaining a Master’s degree in Classics from the Open University in 2016. 

Jemima has spent her career working in Her Majesty’s Government in several Private Office positions.  Having recently joined PGMBM in January 2022, she is enthusiastic about her move to the legal sector, working within the Managing Partner’s office. 


Deborah graduated with an LLB in Law from the University of Leicester in 2019. 

After Graduating, Deborah went on to work in several law firms which allowed her to gain experience and knowledge around several legal sectors including Wills and Probate, Property Law, Commercial Litigation, Family Law, Criminal Law, Human Rights and many others.  

Deborah has an interest in Commercial law, Property law and Human rights and hopes to be able to develop her skills and put her experience into practice.  

Client Care Apprentice

Renee joined Pogust Goodhead in August 2021 as a Client Care Administrator. After completing her qualifications and leaving school, Renee started a career in customer service.

She has previously worked in the investment industry, supporting analysts and specialists. 

Renee has also developed a strong interest in law, justice and equality and is seeking to broaden her knowledge by working in the legal sector.  She is eager to advance and further develop her career in the HR and administration field and is ecstatic to make a valuable contribution to Pogust Goodhead. 


Matthew qualified as a solicitor in 2008. Prior to joining Pogust Goodhead in January 2022, he spent eight years working with the Tier 1 ranked product liability team at Irwin Mitchell representing individuals injured by defective medical and consumer products.  

Notable cases Matthew has worked on include the metal on metal hips litigation, in which he was appointed to the Claimant steering committee for claimants affected by Zimmer hips; trans-vaginal mesh; a range of consumer product claims and various clinical negligence group claims. 

Matthew is a past secretary of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers product liability special interest group and has been named in Chambers and Partners and/or the Legal 500 since 2018, including as an ‘associate to watch’. In his spare time he is a volunteer trustee for Sheffield Citizens Advice Bureau. 

Digital Marketing Apprentice

Safia joined Pogust Goodhead in January 2022 after completing her A levels at Alperton Community School where she studied Art, Photography and Media.  

Marketing is a big interest of Safia’s as a result of studying media, she enjoys creating and examining marketing material.  

Safia has also completed a digital marketing traineeship in order to prepare her for an apprenticeship, which she is undertaking with Pogust Goodhead and Baltic apprenticeships who she is enrolled with part-time. 

Safia is passionate about participating in a team that contributes to the success and growth of a company. 

Talent Acquisition Intern

Sam works in Talent Acquisition at PGMBM. He studied at Trinity Catholic High School and achieved two A Level qualification in Computer Science and Economics. 

Senior Associate

Nabila is a barrister with many years of experience working in-house as a Risk and Compliance lawyer.

She graduated from King’s College London and, after completing pupillage at 1 Hare Court, Temple, she went on to work at many international firms, including Freshfields, Norton Rose, Hogan Lovells, and, most recently, at Baker Mckenzie. 


Caroline graduated from Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo with a degree in Law and holds a master’s degree in Law from the University of São Paulo. 

She is registered with the Bar Association of Brazil (OAB) and has over nine years of experience working for leading law firms in Brazil. Prior to moving to the United Kingdom in 2021, Caroline was an Associate at Dinamarco, Rossi, Beraldo e Bedaque Advocacia and Trench Rossi e Watanabe (in association with Baker Mckenzie).   

Caroline has a strong interest in environmental law, gender equality and human rights. 


Nishanth Vasanth is an Indian qualified associate at the London office. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law from the NALSAR University of Law, India and subsequently obtained an LLM at the University of Cambridge with a specialisation in Commercial Law.He is admitted to the Bar Council of India.  

Prior to joining Pogust Goodhead, Nishanth worked as a Judicial Law Clerk and Research Assistant at the Supreme Court of India, where he worked on a diverse array of complex litigation.

He has a keen focus on dispute resolution and international arbitration, whilst writing on cultural law, environment and religious law. 


Josh studied Modern History with Economics at the University of Manchester graduating with an upper second-class degree in June 2020. Following this, he undertook his studies for the GDL at City, the University of London where he obtained a commendation in June 2021. It is here that Josh developed his passion for commercial and international litigation. He is hoping to become a solicitor in one of these areas. 

Prior to joining PGMBM Josh has shadowed multiple solicitors in differing areas of law as well as undertaken various mini-pupillages. He also has had various client-focused roles. Since joining in October Josh has helped on a wide range of cases at PGMBM including Emissions, medical and BA. He is now a part of the Uber team. 

Group Financial Director

David is a seasoned finance professional and previously held senior controller and head of finance roles with SMEs in the financial and professional service sectors including law firms, wealth management, fund admin, and private equity.

David has held company directorships and played strong coordinating and support roles during company growth periods including new office locations, pre-acquisition negotiation and planning, and post-acquisition integration.

A CIMA-qualified accountant since 2010, David holds a BA and MSc in Accounting and Finance.

David is a keen follower of rugby union and follows Saracens trying to catch live games whenever he can.


Jeffrey Gittleman leads the firm’s Global Competition Law department.  For nearly twenty-five years, he has played a key role on teams prosecuting antitrust class actions against global cartels.  Jeffrey is currently representing businesses, health and welfare funds and individuals harmed by anti-competitive conduct in class actions, stand-alone actions and collective actions.   

As a seasoned litigator, Jeffrey has extensive experience in managing all aspects of litigation, from investigation through trial.  He is particularly adept at leading and supervising large teams of attorneys assigned to the review and analysis of discovery.  Jeffrey is a skilled trial attorney and is regularly asked by his colleagues to depose witnesses whose testimony is critical to the litigation.  Recently, he served as trial counsel for a class of bondholders of Lower Bucks Hospital who alleged that the bond trustee breached its fiduciary and contractual duties to the bondholders.  After days of testimony, the case settled hours before closing arguments for a large percentage of the damages sought by the class.  

Outside of his antitrust practice, Jeffrey has also represented international, state, county, municipal and Taft-Hartley pension funds in domestic and international securities litigation, and has litigated securities class actions that recovered billions of dollars for those harmed by securities fraud. 

Jeffrey is a graduate of Tulane University (B.A. 1993), and Temple University School of Law (J.D. 1996), where he served on the Moot Court Honors Society.  He is admitted to practice in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Global HR Director

A Senior HR Leader with 20 years of experience in designing and implementing HR strategies/policies for companies across a breadth of sectors. 

Well-versed in formulating partnerships across functions to deliver value-added services to management/employees, and forging relationships with stakeholders to ensure the execution of people-focused plans that meet business objectives.  

Raminder is an expert in developing HR functions, with the capability to lead change and transformation projects through full lifecycles in line with best practices to meet core business aims and objectives. 


Guy joined Pogust Goodhead in November 2022 having previously been a partner at Keller Postman UK. Guy is the Vice President of the Collective Redress Lawyers Association (CORLA) based in London (Pogust Goodhead being one of the founder members of CORLA).

Guy has brought several of the largest collective redress proceedings in the High Court and has acted for many thousands of English claimants. He has over a decade of experience in high-value commercial litigation and civil fraud, including successfully litigating cases in the Commercial Court, Chancery Court, Court of Appeal, and the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA).

Guy is a solicitor-advocate with Rights of Audience in the Higher Courts of England and Wales. He started his career as a litigator at international law firm Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP where he trained and worked as a solicitor for over a decade before spending three years at specialist litigation and arbitration firm Signature Litigation LLP.

Guy was the co-author of the UK section of Chambers Global Practice Guide: Litigation 2019.


Anteriormente sócio do Keller Postman UK, Guy iniciou vários processos de ações coletivas no Tribunal Superior em nome de milhares de reclamantes no Reino Unido.

Guy tem mais de uma década de experiência em litígios comerciais de alto valor e fraude civil, incluindo litigar com sucesso casos no Tribunal Comercial, de Chancelaria, de Apelação e também no Tribunal de Arbitragem Internacional de Londres (LCIA).

Guy é advogado com Direitos de Audiência nos Tribunais Superiores da Inglaterra e do País de Gales. Iniciou sua carreira no escritório de advocacia internacional Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP, onde se qualificou como advogado em 2009 antes de passar três anos na empresa especializada em litígios e arbitragem Signature Litigation LLP e dois anos na Keller Postman UK.

Além disso, também foi coautor da seção do Reino Unido do Chambers Global Practice Guide: Litigation 2019. Agora, em novembro de 2022, Guy tornou-se sócio da Pogust Goodhead.


Eesha Khan is a Pakistani-qualified associate working in Pogust Goodhead’s London office.

She holds a Master of Laws (LL.M) from Harvard Law School and prior to that obtained her Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). She is admitted to the Punjab Bar Council in Pakistan. 

Prior to joining Pogust Goodhead, Eesha primarily focussed on constitutional, tax, and commercial litigation. She has also researched and written about Pakistan’s nascent cyber law regime.  

Eesha has a keen focus on dispute resolution and works with the global environmental damage team. 

Lawyer (English and Welsh Law Qualified)

Misha is an India-qualified Associate at Pogust Goodhead’s London office. She graduated from the National Law School of India University, Bangalore in 2016 and obtained an LLM in International Dispute Settlement from the MIDS in Geneva as the highest-ranked student in the class. As the recipient of an EU scholarship during her undergraduate studies, she also spent an exchange semester at Uppsala University in Sweden studying EU commercial law and litigation.

Misha has disputes experience over a range of sectors and industries, both in India and internationally. She worked for four years with a leading Indian law firm in Mumbai where her practice revolved around commercial disputes as well as securities and insolvency disputes across various Indian courts and tribunals, including the Supreme Court of India.

She also worked for one year with Sidley Austin’s international arbitration team in Geneva, focusing on matters relating to commercial and investor-state arbitration as well as third-party funding. As part of her pro bono engagement, she has also worked on issues relating to international trade.

Junior Salesforce Developer

Harry joined Pogust Goodhead in 2022 and is a 2x certified Junior salesforce developer who graduated from the University of Gloucestershire in 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Games Programming.

He has used this programming knowledge to enter the salesforce ecosystem and is keen to be progressing his skills in salesforce development. He is proficient in C#, APEX, HTML, and JS.

Larissa Fontenelle

Larissa is a fully qualified Brazilian lawyer, having been admitted to the Brazilian Bar Association in 2017.

She holds a master’s degree from the University of Oxford. Prior to that, she completed her undergraduate studies in Brazil and holds bachelor’s degrees in Sociology (University of Brasília) and Law (University Centre of Brasília).

Larissa has a diverse legal background and is trained at law firms and in the public sector in Brazil. During her Bachelor of Laws, Larissa was involved in pro bono initiatives offering legal assistance to underserved communities in Brasilia.
Before joining Pogust Goodhead as an associate, she worked with due diligence services at an international consulting firm headquartered in the UK.

Larissa is based in Pogust Goodhead’s London office.


Jerome is a second-year LLB law student at King’s College London, where he currently serves as the President of the King’s College London Malaysian Society and the Secretary of the King’s College London Debating Society.

He was previously a student administrator in the King’s Legal Clinic where he was an aid in legal pro-bono work in immigration law, family law, and employment law. In his free time, Jerome writes for The Tapir Journal, a student journal focused on political issues in Southeast Asia where he is the founder and Editor-in-Chief. As such he has a significant interest in supply chain litigation and International Law.

Jerome joined Pogust Goodhead as a vacation schemer in 2022 and is currently working as a researcher at the London office for supply chain litigation cases based in the Southeast Asian region. He is proficient in 6 languages including Mandarin, Malay, Indonesian, and Korean.

Client Communications and Experience Manager

Joining Pogust Goodhead as a Client Communication & Engagement Manager in December 2022, with several years of experience in customer-focused roles.

Jill has an infectious enthusiasm for providing great client experience and is committed to exceeding client expectations.

When Jill is not on the job; she loves to work through every recipe in various cookbooks, and fulfilling her love for seeing new places.

Senior Developer 

Michael graduated from Anna University Chennai, India with a Bachelor of Computer Science Engineering.

Michael has been working as a Salesforce Developer for almost 3 years now and had worked with various End clients building and maintaining their products.

He wants to build a strong career in salesforce that will enhance his knowledge, skills, and capabilities leading to the mutual growth of the Organization.


Receptionist / Senior Office Assistant

Samantha is originally from Wellington, New Zealand and first moved to the UK in early 2019.

Sam joined the London office as a Receptionist/Senior Office Assistant in December 2022. She has experience working in various administrative roles across the public and private sectors, providing high-quality support to all levels of the business. Sam takes pride in her work and being a valued team member. She is excited to join Pogust Goodhead and be part of the great work they are doing for human rights and environmentalism.

Sam also worked as a Private Nanny in Southwest London for two years. In her spare time, Sam enjoys traveling, cooking, keeping active, and spending time in nature.


Kayla graduated from Maynooth University with a degree in Irish law and sociology which also featured a year abroad at Utrecht University. She holds a master’s degree in public international law from Utrecht University with a specialisation in international human rights law.

Kayla previously worked as a dispute resolution and litigation paralegal before joining Pogust Goodhead.

Global Talent Acquisition Partner

Jaye takes pride in ensuring that placements are a strong match for all parties.
She is interested in finding candidates the right career rather than simply a job!

Jaye always strives to bring 100% to the work that she does and her goal is to build strong, long-term, mutually beneficial relationships for candidates and business partners.

Jaye has experience of recruiting in the legal sector across all levels and managing the recruitment process from start to finish.

Solutions Engineer

Alisha graduated from the University of the Arts London with a degree in Graphic and Media Design. Originally starting off as a Graphic Designer, she pivoted into technology by upskilling in her spare time.

Alisha has worked in a wide range of SaaS companies and sectors including both data privacy and finance and has to experience in both post-sales and pre-sales roles, including account management and solutions engineering. She has a special interest in tech for good and social issues which was her driving factor for joining Pogust Goodhead.

Alisha will be joining Pogust Goodhead as a Solutions Engineer and she is excited to be part of a company that fights for justice and is working towards making the world a better and fairer place.


Renato Belfiore is a business and human rights advocate, he holds an LL.M. from the University of Amsterdam and an LL.B. from the University of São Paulo, Largo de São Francisco.

He has a solid background in corporate law through serval experiences in diverse Brazilian offices and was part of some of the original operations from Pogust Goodhead in Mariana, handling some of the most vulnerable victims and municipalities. Also, Renato had considerable experience in Digital Rights and the protection of basic rights in social media.    

Renato is also part of the board of YAP Brasil, an NGO that promotes advocacy training to future leaders of traditional communities. In that project, YAP looks to provide tools for future leaders to promote their projects, while helping them to fund their projects.

Now, back in Pogust Goodhead, Renato looks to pursue justice against companies and governments that oppress and abuse our society and environment in transnational courts. He sees this as the solution to Allende’s problem of sovereignty and survival. 



Kelly holds a Bachelor of Arts from McGill University and a Juris Doctor from the University of Victoria, Canada. After obtaining her law degree, Kelly completed a clerkship at the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench. She was called to the bar in 2020 and remains an active member of the Law Society of Alberta. 

Prior to joining the Pogust Goodhead London office, Kelly worked as a litigator at a top-tier Canadian firm where she acted as counsel in complex commercial disputes, judicial reviews, arbitrations, and appeals. She has appeared at all levels of Court in Canada, including the Supreme Court. 

Kelly also has significant experience acting for both Indigenous communities and government in Canada on matters involving Aboriginal and Treaty rights and Indigenous law.  

Outside of her regular practice, Kelly enjoys acting as counsel on pro bono matters involving access to justice and constitutional law. 

Trainee Solicitor

Abigail studied Jurisprudence at the University of Oxford before studying an LLM at Queen Mary, University of London. She specialised in Human Rights law and, in particular, on socio-economic rights. As part of her LLM dissertation, Abigail wrote about how the human rights framework can be used to help those suffering from period poverty.    

Abigail has recently completed the SQE and was in the first cohort of students to do so. Alongside this she volunteered with the United Nations Development Programme HIV, Health and Development Unit as a researcher focusing on Human Rights implications. 

Abigail is passionate about refugee rights, human rights and the environment. In her spare time, she has volunteered with an organisation which protects the rights of EU citizens living in the UK following the EU Settlement Scheme. 

Salesforce Administrator 

Mollie joined Pogust Goodhead in July 2022, as a Salesforce Administrator. 

She has four years’ solo experience in a B2B sales environment, so is excited to learn more about the legal industry and to start improving and developing our Salesforce within a team.