UK Supreme Court Rules That Uber Drivers Are Officially Workers

A Supreme Court decision has ruled that Uber drivers are workers, not third-party contractors. The decision has been labelled as ‘historic’ and could change the future of the gig economy.  As the Supreme Court is the highest court in the England and Wales, Uber will not be able to appeal this decision and drivers will now be […]

Uber Judgment: Workers’ Rights Introduction Is Not Enough, According To PGMBM


Following the UK Supreme Court judgment that all Uber drivers must be considered as workers, Uber laid out how its workers’ rights will be used in practice.  According to the new rules, all UK Uber drivers will be ‘guaranteed’ national minimum wage, holiday pay, and a pension scheme. This will impact 70,000 drivers in the UK, but omits Uber Eats.   PGMBM believes that, additionally to these new rules, drivers […]