Investors looking into Brazilian dam disasters slam the mining companies involved


Investors looking into the Mariana Dam and Brumadinho Dam disasters in Brazil have slammed the mining companies involved. The report by the Local Authority Pension Fund Forum (LAPFF) backs up many of the claims by Pogust Goodhead in its case against BHP over the Mariana dam disaster. “Nearly seven years after the [Mariana] dam collapse, the end of these reparations and […]

Global Managing Partner and CEO visits Australia to discuss Mariana dam disaster

BHP Tom Goodhead

Our Global Managing Partner and CEO, Thomas Goodhead, visited Australia last week to meet with politicians, civil society, miners, businesses, and investors about our case against BHP over the Mariana dam disaster, Brazil’s worst ever environmental disaster. Tom highlighted the importance of the case, the largest in legal history, with key decision makers, and called on BHP […]

High Court dismiss BHP’s request to delay Mariana dam disaster trial

Mariana trial date set

The mining company BHP today suffered a huge defeat in the High Court when trying to delay Pogust Goodhead’s £36 billion lawsuit over Brazil’s worst environmental disaster. In a judgment handed down today (Friday, 12 May 2023), the High Court dismissed BHP’s request to delay the trial until 2025. A new trial date has been […]

Pogust Goodhead returns to court in our long-running claim against BHP

Pogust Goodhead was back in court on 29 and 30 March in our case against BHP, the largest class action in the world. We are continuing to fight for justice for over 700,000 victims of Brazil’s worst-ever environmental disaster, the collapse of the Mariana dam. In The Independent today, our Global Managing Partner and CEO, Thomas Goodhead, explains […]

BHP bill for Brazilian dam collapse increases to £36BN in world’s largest class action

Krenak BHP

The mining giant BHP faces the world’s largest class action after more than half a million new claimants joined the fight for justice for Brazil’s worst ever environmental disaster. Pogust Goodhead is now representing 700,000 Claimants seeking damages of £36 billion after the collapse of the Fundão tailings dam in Mariana, Brazil. The disaster claimed […]

Article and podcast episode exposes Norsk Hydro’s ‘trail of devastation’ in Brazil

After following our case against Norsk Hydro for several months, Bloomberg journalist Sheridan Prasso has produced a feature-length article and podcast episode exposing the incomprehensible trail of devastation surrounding their aluminium refinery in the state of Para, Brazil. On behalf of 11,000 residents of the nearby neighbourhoods, our case seeks to prove that the Norwegian […]

The Public Health Legacy of Dieselgate

The Dieselgate scandal rocked the car industry in 2015 when carmakers were caught cheating vehicle emissions tests. Seven years later, very little has changed.    There are still an estimated 8.5 million vehicles on UK roads that pollute several times above the legal limit. These vehicles are not limited to one manufacturer or a few models […]

Mariana dam disaster claim gains media attention after landmark judgment released

In a landmark judgment released on 8 July 2022, over 200,000 claimants have been given the go-ahead to pursue litigation in the courts of England and Wales over the Mariana dam collapse. The Court of Appeal unanimously granted jurisdiction in the English courts to hear the case against one of the biggest companies in the […]