Uber Judgment: Workers’ Rights Introduction Is Not Enough, According To PGMBM


Following the UK Supreme Court judgment that all Uber drivers must be considered as workers, Uber laid out how its workers’ rights will be used in practice.  According to the new rules, all UK Uber drivers will be ‘guaranteed’ national minimum wage, holiday pay, and a pension scheme. This will impact 70,000 drivers in the UK, but omits Uber Eats.   PGMBM believes that, additionally to these new rules, drivers […]

Australian Federal Court Dismiss Volkswagen’s $95 Million Appeal In Dieselgate Scandal


The Australian federal court has dismissed Volkswagen’s appeal against their $95 million fine. The appeal was surrounding Volkswagen’s part in the Dieselgate emissions scandal. Case history  An appeal was submitted by Volkswagen after a judgment in December 2019. The Australian federal court found that they had breached consumer laws by falsifying emissions levels.   It was concluded that Volkswagen did not disclose the existence of ‘two-mode’ software when it sought approval to supply and import tens of […]

PGMBM Launches MyDieselClaim.Com To Support Those Impacted By Dieselgate

My Diesel Claim

In response to the growing number of manufacturers under investigation for diesel emissions fraud, PGMBM has launched a new campaign to support more diesel vehicle drivers than ever before: My Diesel Claim. MyDieselClaim.com will offer all diesel car and van owners the opportunity to claim up to £10,000 for their vehicle manufacturer’s part in the Dieselgate scandal.    Who can claim? Marques included in the […]

PGMBM Secures £45 Million Funding Partnership With North Wall Capital


International law firm PGMBM and leading European special situations investor North Wall Capital (North Wall) announce a new £45 million funding partnership to support the pursuit of claims on behalf of consumers wronged by large corporations globally. North Wall’s investment brings the total capital raised to over £100 million and will support the firm as […]

UK Supreme Court Rules That Uber Drivers Are Officially Workers

A Supreme Court decision has ruled that Uber drivers are workers, not third-party contractors. The decision has been labelled as ‘historic’ and could change the future of the gig economy.  As the Supreme Court is the highest court in the England and Wales, Uber will not be able to appeal this decision and drivers will now be […]

PGMBM Launch Challenge To Government’s Hotel Quarantine Policy


In response to the news that the Government would be enforcing a mandatory hotel quarantine policy, PGMBM is preparing to launch a legal challenge to stand up for the human rights of those entering the UK.   We believe that the hotel quarantine policy is unlawful in a number of different respects and should therefore be subject to judicial review.  Tom Goodhead, Barrister and Managing Partner of […]

Over A Million Vehicles Failed MOTs In 2020 Due To Exhaust Emissions

exhaust emissions

A record number of vehicles failed their MOT tests in 2020 due to issues relating to potentially harmful exhaust emissions. Sources indicate that 1.3 million vehicles were implicated, with diesel cars guilty of the most significant surge in emission failures. The survey suggests that failures in 2020 increased by more than 70% when compared to […]

British Airways Data Breach Claim Becomes Biggest Of Its Kind In The UK


The 2018 BA Data Breach Claim has become the largest group action personal data claim in UK history, with over 16,000 victims seeking compensation from the airline. PGMBM are the lead solicitors in the group litigation case against British Airways on behalf of victims. We expect that victim compensation could be up to £2,000, putting BA’s overall […]

Inquest Labels ‘Air Pollution’ As Cause Of Death For First Time Ever

Air pollution

After a fresh inquest into the death of a nine-year-old girl concluded that she died as a result of air pollution, theories surrounding the relationship between pollution and ill-health have been forced into a sickening reality.  Ella Adoo-Kissi-Debrah is the first person in the UK to have air pollution listed as her cause of death.  The Inquest  According to BBC news, Southwark Coroner’s […]