June 28, 2021
June 28, 2021


What is the future for traditional communities? How does the climate crisis affect environmental justice? Which paths does Brazil have? The Brazil Forum UK brought to the conversation fundamental issues regarding the building of a fairer Brazil, with more opportunities for everybody.   

From 5 June to 13 June 2021, the event gathered names like Silvio de Almeida, Marina Silva, Erica Malunguinho, Fernando Haddad, Nath Finanças, Luís Roberto Barroso, and Catarina Lorenzo to discuss paths for Brazil and the pandemic’s impacts on the country.  

Covid-19’s consequences have been affecting people worldwide in several different areas but, in Brazil, the impact was even bigger, intensifying historical social gaps. 

It is clear that the impact of Covid-19 was more severe among the country’s political minorities, as it was pointed out in several of the panels, and the access to information and the dissemination of fake news were very harmful to the process of fighting this crisis. 

We are proud of being one of the event’s sponsors. As a law firm focused on human rights, it is rewarding to be able to contribute to the efforts towards a fairer and more prosperous country for everyone. As the motto of the event itself states, ‘the future starts in the present’.

We are building today the future for the next generations. 

The demands addressed at the event affect mainly political minorities, like black people, LGBTQIA+, indigenous, and quilombola communities. In just a few years, some of the subjects discussed may be perceived as urgent by the social upper classes when the consequences are experienced first hand – the climate crisis being one of them.  

Others are already a reality for the majority of the Brazilian people, such as structural racism and the high rates of violence towards the LGBTQIA+ population. 

Watch the video and check some of the remarkable quotes of the Brazil Forum UK 2021. 

 To watch each of the debates in its completion, access the event’s YouTube channel. 

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