Litigation launched against guitar makers Fender

July 26, 2022

Last week, Pogust Goodhead announced the litigation against guitar makers Fender after they were fined for breaking competition laws.

If our claim is successful, Fender guitar buyers and guitar buyers from other brands could receive money back for their purchase after paying hundreds of pounds more than they should have.

Jeremy Evans, Pogust Goodhead Partner said: “Fender, by their own admission, took part in this price-fixing activity which meant people buying their products either online or in a shop would have had to pay significantly more than normally the case.

“This will have affected schools buying instruments for their pupils and budding musicians struggling to make ends meet while they gig in pubs and clubs, not just high-flying rock stars and bands.

“Now, Fender has been called out we want those affected to be able to claim damages as a result of this action so they can reduce the financial impact of this activity.”

Jeremy spoke to the media about the Fender claim and was featured in The Sun, The Times and MailOnline.

If you think you could be affected, please head to for more information.

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