Media attention gained for the Mariana dam disaster claim in the UK courts

May 20, 2022

Last month, we represented more than 200,000 victims of the Mariana dam disaster in the UK courts to support them in their fight for justice.  

Throughout the week-long trial, an array of media outlets reported on the case.  

Victims shared their stories, and information surrounding the case and its implications was highlighted to millions of people across the world.  

Some of the most viewed media coverage gained during the trial included:   

The GuardianVictims of Brazil’s Mariana dam disaster seek compensation through UK courts 

Channel 4 NewsChannel of Appeal considers £5bn lawsuit over Brazil’s Mariana dam disaster 

The Times – BHP faces new court battle over Samarco dam disaster 

Economist Espresso  

Reuters – BHP prepares for fresh battle against $6.6 bln Brazil dam lawsuit  

The Guardian – It’s about survival’: the Yorkshireman seeking justice for the Mariana dam disaster 

Speaking to the Guardian, a representative of the Krenak indigenous communities said: “Every time that I remember what my family and my community has gone through, every time that I revisit the river, I become angry.  

“These times are a time of great struggle for my people, and I have made it my purpose to help us achieve fair compensation.  

“Alas, I understand that no matter how hard we fight, much of what the companies have taken from our people is irrecoverable. For it to have been suggested by the defendants that my community is receiving full redress in Brazil makes me even angrier.” 

The five-day hearing was heard by a panel of judges in the Court of Appeal, and a decision about jurisdiction is expected in the upcoming months.  

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