Mariana dam disaster claim update: High Court reject Vale’s bid to block BHP lawsuit 

August 7, 2023
Mariana fishing before the dam collapse

In the most recent case advancement, Vale has lost its bid to block BHP’s request to share any potential liability in the Mariana dam disaster claim. The claim is currently the largest group litigation in English legal history.

Vale and BHP as co-defendants  

London’s High Court was asked to rule if Vale should be added as a co-defendant in our claim against BHP on behalf of the victims of Brazil’s worst ever environmental disaster.  

BHP, which denies liability, claimed that Vale should join the case to share in any potential liability and contribute to damages if they are found liable for the damage caused to people’s livelihoods, the environment, and nearby local communities.

Vale’s responsibility in London  

Despite Vale’s argument that the dispute between it and BHP should be heard in Brazil, Judge Finola O’Farrell rejected the challenge. She said the claim ‘essentially mirrored the claimants’ case against BHP’ and should therefore be decided as part of the existing lawsuit. 

Tom Goodhead, Global Managing Partner and CEO, said: “BHP has previously told the court in London that the inclusion of Vale in the process would mean a settlement would be more likely, and we hold them to their word.  

“It’s time for BHP and Vale to both do the right thing and engage with the claimants in this case to reach an effective resolution.”  

The Mariana dam disaster claim  

Pogust Goodhead is representing more than 700,000 people in the Mariana dam disaster claim who have all suffered loss as a result of the dam collapse in 2015.  

You can find out more about the claim or take a look at the latest news and updates via the Pogust Goodhead website. 

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