The billion dollar man: Tom Goodhead speaks to The Law Society Gazette

November 29, 2023

In an exclusive interview with The Law Society Gazette, Tom Goodhead, CEO and Global Managing Partner of Pogust Goodhead sat down to discuss the firm’s rapid growth, financial strategies, and advocating for legal reform.

With 700 employees across five jurisdictions and numerous active group litigation claims, Tom has led the firm’s progress since 2018. Pogust Goodhead’s growth has been backed by investment partnerships, including the £454m deal announced in October with US-based emerging markets investment manager Gramercy.  

“The firm’s performance has been more like that of a fintech startup than a conventional legal practice. We’ve ridden the wave of litigation funding. We’ve grown and grown and grown.”

Tom Goodhead

Tom admitted to the Law Society Gazette’s Michael Cross that the prospect of being potentially liable for $1bn ‘sometimes keeps him awake at night’ but that he is confident that his investors are on to a good thing.  

Representing millions of clients that have been affected by corporate wrongdoing, from those cheated by car manufacturers falsifying emissions tests in the UK to victims of dam collapses in Brazil, Pogust Goodhead fights to make the world a better place, but Tom explains: “This isn’t an NGO though I know we look like one. We are here to make a profit. I’m quite a free marketeer and we’re dealing with market failure to compensate for negative externalities.” 

Read the full article in the Law Society Gazette where Tom tells of his enthusiasm for taking on corporate defendants and discusses how English courts are dealing with increasingly complex cases.  

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