High Court judgment turbocharges Dieselgate claims

December 14, 2023
Diesel Claim

In a significant milestone for My Diesel Claim, a High Court judgment on the alleged ‘Dieselgate’ emissions scandal has turbocharged the legal process.

A Mercedes trial date has now been set. There will also be a decision as soon as January 19 on which two other manufacturers will join them in the dock at that trial, as the Court looks to take a joint case management approach.

Over one million claimants

The unprecedented order notes there will likely be ‘well over one million claimants and over 1,500 defendants’ in the claims. It sets an aggressive timetable, with three major hearings next year.

At Pogust Goodhead, we are determined to hold car manufacturers to account over Dieselgate, after more than 12 companies were accused of cheating emissions tests.

“This judgment means 2024 will be a year of reckoning for any manufacturer that cheated emissions tests.”

Tom Goodhead, CEO and Global Managing Partner

“Car companies have tried to outrun the Dieselgate scandal for years. They helped cause an air pollution health crisis in the UK and thought they’d got away with it. Investors in these companies should be very nervous. If these cases go to trial, the manufacturers face a huge financial hit, with devastating consequences for the used car market, too. It is time for all car companies that cheated emissions tests to do the right thing by drivers who bought their cars in good faith and offer them fair compensation.”Tom Goodhead, CEO and Global Managing Partner

A trial date set for Mercedes

The High Court Judgment, handed down in written form on 11 December, set a trial date for Mercedes and two other manufacturers in February 2025. The claims being brought collectively amount to billions of pounds in damages.

A hearing this coming January (17-19) will deal with all the outstanding emissions cases, with lawyers confident they will get the go-ahead to proceed. Two other hearings in 2024 will ensure all parties keep to this schedule.

“The common misperception is that Dieselgate was all about Volkswagen, but this is an industry-wide scandal. It’s clear that 2024 will be the year where car company complacency over the diesel emissions scandal will come to an abrupt end. For the sake of our clients and for those living in areas of high pollution, that is a very good thing.” Tom Goodhead, CEO and Global Managing Partner.

As part of the ruling on case management, the court announced that the case against Ford can proceed in relation to claims brought by 65,000 drivers.

Check your eligibility

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