International Law and Human Rights

Pogust Goodhead uses our capabilities, resources, and global networks to uphold human and civil rights worldwide.

Pogust Goodhead’s Human Rights Hub is focused on advocating for victims of injustice, violence, and exploitation across the world.    

We are at the forefront of international and human rights law, ensuring that the rights of vulnerable communities and individuals are safeguarded when corporations, governments and other groups fail to uphold or directly breach them. 

Multinational companies can no longer avoid accountability by operating across borders in less robust domestic jurisdictions. Public expectation, cross-border commerce, and greater overall judicial weight being given to human rights and the global community have all led to this global shift. 

While much of society condemns acts of terrorism, these acts do not occur in a vacuum. Terrorist networks exploit global infrastructures to receive funding, training, and support. Similarly, state-sponsored violence is a problem across the world, from authoritarian states to democracies that are in danger of sliding there. Our teams are exploring how to hold state and non-state actors to account for the violence they perpetrate against innocent civilians.       

Our lawyers are uniquely placed to address the most pressing and complex issues facing the world today, using innovative litigation strategies across the United States, UK, Europe and Latin America to help ensure that the inalienable human rights of all persons are upheld. 

If you are interested in learning more about our work or partnering with us, please get in touch. 

Mariana Dam, Brazil
Mariana Dam Disaster
The worst environmental disaster in Brazil’s history has triggered one of the biggest legal claims ever filed in the Courts of England and Wales: the Mariana...
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Brumadinho Dam
Brumadinho Dam Disaster
After the Mariana dam disaster in 2015, officials vowed ‘never again’. However, in January 2019, just three years later, a mining disaster struck once...
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Mariana Dam Disaster - Netherlands Claim
We have filed a claim against Vale SA and Samarco Iron Ore Europe BV in the Netherlands for their role in the Mariana dam disaster.
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Barcarena and Abaetetuba Toxic Waste Pollution
Riverside communities in Barcarena have been enduring the negative effects of pollution caused by aluminium mining for many years.
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Maceió Salt Mine Damage
In 2018, cracks, sinkholes and earthquakes linked to rock-salt mining activities caused huge damage to streets, houses, and buildings in several neighbourhoods...
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The Haidar
Haidar Pollution Claim
In early October 2015, a ship carrying approximately 5,000 cattle sank in the port of Vila do Conde, situated in the Para River, Brazil, close to the Atlantic...
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Orange Juice
Pogust Goodhead is representing 1,525 orange growers and former orange growers, 22 companies, and a foundation against the Cutrale family for engaging...
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