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With extensive experience in environmental litigation, we are proud to fight for the rights of those affected by avoidable, man-made environmental disasters.

Environmental mismanagement  

The health, psychological, and economic consequences of environmental mismanagement are well-known and reported on, and environmental law is not a new area of law. However, the importance of it is as prevalent today as it has ever been.

Whether caused by negligence, accident, or human error, we believe those responsible for damaging the natural world should be held accountable and should compensate the people and communities who are affected. 

Pogust Goodhead’s environmental law team  

Our environmental law team are committed to ensuring individuals can access justice in environmental law cases, and our global presence allows us to connect international claimants with local expertise.

With extensive experience in international environmental litigation, our firm litigates cases where individuals and their immediate environments have been harmed by toxic spills, the collapse of tailings dams, ecosystem damage and other hazardous events.

International environmental litigation 

Pogust Goodhead’s lawyers have strong relationships on the ground with leading regional environmental experts and grass-roots NGOs, which has been crucial to our successful cases and helps us undertake thorough and well-vetted case investigations.

Children who bathed by the beach have skin problems and problems with their eyes. We are getting a lot of cases of cancer since the disaster occurred.

Mariana Dam, Brazil
Mariana Dam Disaster
The worst environmental disaster in Brazil’s history has triggered one of the biggest legal claims ever filed in the Courts of England and Wales: the Mariana...
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Brumadinho Dam
Brumadinho Dam Disaster
After the Mariana dam disaster in 2015, officials vowed ‘never again’. However, in January 2019, just three years later, a mining disaster struck once...
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Mariana Dam Disaster - Netherlands Claim
We have filed a claim against Vale SA and Samarco Iron Ore Europe BV in the Netherlands for their role in the Mariana dam disaster.
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Barcarena and Abaetetuba Toxic Waste Pollution
Riverside communities in Barcarena have been enduring the negative effects of pollution caused by aluminium mining for many years.
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Maceió Salt Mine Damage
In 2018, cracks, sinkholes and earthquakes linked to rock-salt mining activities caused huge damage to streets, houses, and buildings in several neighbourhoods...
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The Haidar
Haidar Pollution Claim
In early October 2015, a ship carrying approximately 5,000 cattle sank in the port of Vila do Conde, situated in the Para River, Brazil, close to the Atlantic...
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Repsol oil spill
Ventanilla Oil Spill
We are taking action against Spanish oil firm Repsol over a huge oil spill that occurred just north of Lima, Peru.
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