February 11, 2022
February 11, 2022

We Are Supporting Boca da Mata

Late last year, the Bahia state of Brazil was affected by flooding and heavy rains as a result of the extreme weather caused by climate change.

The Bahia branch of the Superintendency of Civil Protection and Defence (SUDEC) estimated that at least 471,786 people were and still are affected by floods and heavy rains in the Bahia state and, in the deeper south of Bahia, 42,929 people have been displaced, 34,163 were made homeless and there were at least 20 deaths (Relief Web, 2021).

These consequences are still being felt most acutely by Indigenous communities. These communities are the most affected by flooding, yet they are overlooked and marginalised by government policies.

As a firm, we investigated this by talking to our clients and found that the community of Aldeia Boca da Mata in Porto Seguro was in a dire situation.

Crops and food stocks were destroyed, water sources were interrupted or contaminated and accessibility to the community was diminished due to flood-damaged roads.

Additionally, due to the contamination of water sources from the flooding and having compromised immune systems as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a serious outbreak of a flu virus within the community.

To make matters worse, limited accessibility due to road and bridge damage resulted in a shortage of medicine supply within the community.

What did we do?

 “We wanted to help those most vulnerable in the situation, the ones that really needed our help at that moment. We chose #helpbocodamata and developed a plan.”  – Felipe Hotta, Associate

Once we had learned about the situation in Boca da Mata, we supported the Young Ambassadors of Brazil (YAP) to speak to doctors, local health authorities, nutritionists and nurses to negotiate how best to deliver aid to the community.

This included arranging travel for doctors to go to the village and prescribe medicine to community members once it had arrived. These doctors even took the opportunity to perform small surgeries on individuals where necessary.

This work alone positively supported over 200 people.

What can you do?

To build on this work and to ensure Indigenous communities receive the best support possible, YAP is requesting donations to assist with the transport of doctors to continue to prescribe medication in order to ease the recent outbreak of flu.

We have so far raised over 2000 Euros with the hope of reaching our goal of 5000 Euros to donate to the YAP programme.

Click on the image below to see a video campaign from Wakrewa Krenak; a Young Ambassador of Brazil and member of YAP:

For further information about YAP, please visit:


For details on how to make a donation, please visit:

Help Boca da Mata (helloasso.com)

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