Pogust Goodhead included in The Lawyer’s Top 20 cases of 2024

January 9, 2024

Describing the case as a ‘landmark trial’ for 2024, The Lawyer has listed our Mariana dam case against BHP as one of the top 20 cases in UK courts this year.

“Likely the largest group action ever in the English courts, the Mariana Dam case will be a landmark trial for 2024. More than 700,000 claimants, ranging from individuals to churches to indigenous communities have joined the action, seeking £36bn in damages in a case covering some of the most prominent issues in the UK legal market, including environment litigation, group actions, multinational’s responsibilities for foreign subsidiaries, and the jurisdiction of the English courts.” – The Lawyer

Due to go to trial in October, we are representing victims of the disaster that occurred over 8 years ago when the Fundão tailings dam collapsed in Minas Gerais. It unleashed over 40 million cubic metres of toxic waste. The tragedy destroyed the small town of Bento Rodrigues. The mud travelled so quickly that inhabitants did not have time to escape, and 19 people lost their lives.

“BHP’s actions cannot be forgotten. This was Brazil’s worst ever environmental disaster and it is time for BHP to do the right thing. 2024 will be the year the victims of the Mariana dam disaster finally receive justice. “ – Tom Goodhead, CEO and Global Managing Partner.

The Anglo-Australian company BHP, which operates in Brazil through its subsidiary, Samarco, is facing the case.

In 2022, we helped victims of the disaster get their claim reopened in the English courts, giving them hope for justice and compensation in the future. Following a five day hearing at London’s Court of Appeal, three judges gave a unanimous judgment, which allowed the case to proceed through the Courts of England and Wales.

In June 2023, BHP suffered a further defeat in its attempt to stop Pogust Goodhead’s lawsuit after the Supreme Court refused its appeal.  We look forward to progressing the claim and finally securing justice for the victims of the disaster.

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