Pogust Goodhead takes action against Repsol in the Netherlands

January 12, 2024

Pogust Goodhead is taking action against oil firm Repsol in the courts of the Netherlands over a huge oil spill that occurred just north of Lima, Peru.

On 15 January 2022, around 12,000 barrels of oil were spilled during the offloading of a tanker at La Pampilla refinery, just north of Peru’s capital, Lima.

It has been described as the worst ecological disaster to hit the country in recent history. It continues to cause significant social, economic and environmental damage.

The Peruvian government was forced to close the affected beaches on the North coast of Peru for the remainder of 2022, stating that they were unsuitable for human activities. While some of the beaches were reopened in 2023, governmental authorities have issued several environmental reports concluding that the affected areas are still contaminated and have high levels of hydrocarbons. Many beaches are still not suitable for human activities. 

“This is one of Peru’s worst environmental disasters and we will fight for justice for the victims. We are going to show the world what Repsol have done in Peru.”– Tom Goodhead, Global Managing Partner and CEO 

Led by Partner Cécile Rouméas, Pogust Goodhead Netherlands has been instructed by Stichting Environment and Fundamental Rights. This case is brought before the Dutch courts against:

      • Refinería La Pampilla, S.A.A., incorporated under Peruvian law,

      • Repsol Perú B.V, incorporated under Dutch law, 

      • Repsol S.A., incorporated under Spanish law. 

    The number of victims participating in the claim exceeds 34,000, including fishermen and restaurant owners, who are still unable to return to their normal activities due to the extent of the damage caused.

    Global news outlets have recognised the importance of the case. There have been reports in a number of major publications including:

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