UEFA face legal action over Champion’s League Final

August 4, 2022

Liverpool fans caught up in the disturbing scenes of violence and delay outside the Champion’s League final are taking legal action against UEFA. The claim is being brought by Pogust Goodhead and Binghams Solicitors.

What is the UEFA Compensation Claim about?

Ahead of Liverpool FC’s clash with Real Madrid CF, thousands of fans – including many children – faced frightening scenes as they arrived at the Stade de France more than two hours before kick-off.

Many complained of being robbed, injured in dangerous crushing incidents, and repeatedly pepper sprayed and tear gassed leaving them traumatised by the disturbing events which caused the final to be delayed by 36 minutes.

Now they could receive compensation after the incidents of violence saw them wrongly blamed for the trouble and falsely accused of having fake tickets for the match.

What are Pogust Goodhead and Binghams doing to help?

Pogust Goodhead is teaming up with Liverpool-based law firm Binghams Solicitors to work on the claim from their Liverpool offices.

Binghams and Pogust Goodhead are investigating legal action against UEFA on behalf of fans who were harmed physically and psychologically and are considering claims relating to breach of contract and negligence.

The litigation was announced after thousands of supporters were caught up in the chaos, which became the subject of international political debate.

What are people saying about the events in Paris?

Mattie Douglas, 33, is joining the claim and spoke of the horror he witnessed in Paris.

The life-long Liverpool supporter said: “We left for the [champion’s league final] game with plenty of time ahead of us. We went to enter the ground at around 3:30pm and noticed most of the gates were closed. When fans shouted and tried to communicate with stewards, we were mostly ignored.

“People kept being let into the gate, and it became worrying… a large volume of people with nowhere to go. Things were getting tense, there were kids around us crying, and I was seriously worried for my safety.

“I was next to a waist-high security divide which was about to fall over with the waves of pressure, and eventually I had to climb it rather than fall over it, but I still got injured… I broke my rib and have since been signed off work with it.

“Once we entered the ground, it got no better, we were hit with the aftermath of tear gas, and our eyes were stinging.

“I have suffered what can only be described as PTSD for weeks, I have avoided crowds, and I don’t think I’m ready to attend a football match. I certainly will never go to Paris again.

“This is simply not something anyone should have to contend with. After going to the exorbitant expense of purchasing legitimate tickets, flights and hotels, Liverpool fans had the right to believe they would be safe in Paris and would be free to watch a game of football.

“UEFA owed a duty of care to the fans, and they failed in that duty. We would now encourage anyone affected by the incidents in Paris to register their details with us and come together in bringing a claim.”

Following the chaotic and frightening scenes, Labour MP for Liverpool West Derby, Ian Byrne, who attended the match in Paris spoke out about the situation outside the ground saying it was one of the “worst experiences” of his life.

Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool FC manager, also said lessons must be learned from the “crazy” scenes.

Anyone living in England or Wales with a final ticket in their name is urged to register their details at www.uefaclaimlawyers.com, where Pogust Goodhead and Binghams Solicitors will evaluate their claim.

The Liverpool Echo has also covered this story. 

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