Hotel Quarantine Judicial Review: What Are The Grounds For Seeking Review?

Hotel quarantine

As we mentioned in our previous update, the Hotel Quarantine Judicial Review is very important to us as a firm because of our passion for championing justice and ensuring fairness for all. We are frequently asked about the legalities of the hotel quarantine regulations and on what grounds we are seeking the review, which we have outlined below. The […]

Hotel Quarantine Judicial Review: Why Is This Case So Important To Us?

Hotel Quarantine Judicial Review

Author: Chiara Priovolou, PGMBM Paralegal​ At PGMBM we are passionate about championing justice and ensuring fairness for all. Our judicial review of the hotel quarantine is no exception to this. Following the news that from 15 February the UK Government intended to enforce a mandatory hotel quarantine policy on British and Irish citizens and residents […]

Sorry, I don’t speak Legalese: Breach


What is a Breach?  A breach is the act of someone breaking, or failing to observe, their legal obligations. A contract can be breached in whole or in part.  In the case of a data breach, a trusted company can violate their legal obligations to a customer by having insufficient data security and not treating […]