BMW, Mercedes, and Vauxhall to face legal action in Scotland over emissions scandal

January 18, 2024

Thousands of motorists in Scotland have been given the go-ahead today in claims against three major car manufacturers.

Over 45,000 claims were granted permission to proceed against BMW, Mercedes and Vauxhall over the emissions scandal. The cases are some of the biggest group actions the Scottish courts have seen.

Emissions defeat devices

The car makers face claims they manufactured and sold cars and vans fitted with engines that failed to comply with EU and UK regulatory standards for emitting harmful NOx emissions.

BMW, Mercedes and Vauxhall are just three car manufacturers facing claims in the Scottish Court of Session.

Pogust Goodhead is leading the BMW and Vauxhall group proceedings. In 2022, we secured a historic settlement in the Volkswagen NOx Emissions Group Litigation in England.

We are taking on several other car manufacturers in Scotland and England over the dieselgate scandal. We are currently representing over a million consumers.

Pogust Goodhead comment on BMW, Mercedes, and Vauxhall emissions case

“The Court’s decision to allow these actions to proceed as a group is a significant step forward towards justice. Thousands of drivers are seeking redress from the various car manufacturers for the losses they have suffered as a result of the emissions scandal.

“Evidence has shown that certain diesel vehicles emit levels of harmful nitrogen dioxide that well exceed the legal limits. Consumers and businesses who have purchased or leased those affected vehicles are entitled to compensation as a result. They are rightly taking steps to hold the manufacturers to account for their wrongdoing.” Alison Webb, Partner at Pogust Goodhead

Alison continued: “These cases are not only about righting the wrongs committed against Scottish consumers and businesses, but it has a wider impact. Large vehicle manufacturers who appear to have deliberately cheated emissions testing regimes have done so not only to the detriment of the individuals affected but also to the environment and the health of the wider public.”

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