If you purchased a HIV at home testing kit from OraQuick.com, your privacy could have been breached and you may be eligible for compensation in the OraQuick claim.

What is OraQuick?

OraQuick is an FDA approved in-home HIV test that markets itself as offering private, fast, and reliable results. It has been anded as the ‘first and only HIV test that delivers your results with all the comforts and privacy of home,’ OraQuick prides itself on offering people a professional standard test that is discreet and confidential. OraQuick is manufactured and sold by OraSure Technologies, Inc. (OraSure).  

How did OraQuick fail customers?

Despite repeatedly assuring consumers that their data and the purchase of at home testing kits would be kept confidential, OraSure utilized a secretly embedded tracking cookie on their website to send personal information from their website to Facebook/Meta.   

OraSure and Meta earn profits from this data and use it in multiple ways including to enhance advertising.   

In OraSure’s privacy policy, they outline how they “value your personal data and only share this valuable data within our affiliated companies. The data will not be shared with third parties without your written consent,” however, we believe this to be incorrect and misleading.  

Who can sign up to the OraQuick claim?

If you purchased an in-home HIV testing kit from OraQuick.com and you have a Facebook account, you could be eligible for significant compensation.   

Any US residents who made a purchase on the website and have a Facebook account potentially had their privacy affected.   

Head to www.MyAtHomeTestingClaim.com to have your claim reviewed today. 

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If you made a purchase from OraQuick.com and have a Facebook account, your privacy could have been breached, and you may be eligible for compensation....
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