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Brand new My Diesel Claim TV commercial launched
We are excited to share our brand new My Diesel Claim TV commercial for 2023. Different from anything we’ve done before, the advert will help us reach...
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Real world emissions more than double official test limits
Alarming findings published by the DVSA at the beginning of the year show that over half of diesel cars and vans tested in 2019 exhibited real world Nitrogen...
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Pogust Goodhead stands with Mercedes clients in court over dieselgate scandal
On Thursday 9 February 2023, Pogust Goodhead stood alongside hundreds of thousands of clients as they faced Mercedes, the billion-pound company, to court...
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The public health legacy of dieselgate
The Dieselgate scandal rocked the car industry in 2015 when carmakers were caught cheating vehicle emissions tests. Seven years later, very little has...
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£193million payment to Volkswagen drivers agreed in UK settlement
We announced today an out-of-court settlement agreement on behalf of our Claimants with the Volkswagen Group in the Volkswagen NOx Emissions Group Litigation.  The...
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Dieselgate scandal: Five years on – Why the fight for clean air is not over
Pogust Goodhead hosted an online panel event on 9 February 2022, which centred on the ongoing impact of the Dieselgate scandal in the UK and the continuing...
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Agreement near conclusion in US Fiat Chrysler emissions fraud investigation
An agreement to plead guilty to criminal conduct is near completion in the US emissions fraud investigation against Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA).   Reuters...
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Dieselgate: The VZBZ File Lawsuit Against Mercedes Owners Daimler
Germany’s largest consumer protection group has filed a lawsuit against Daimler to help Mercedes owners get redress over the Dieselgate scandal.  If successful,...
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Peugeot And Renault Charged With Diesel Emissions Fraud
Prosecutors in France have charged both Peugeot and Renault over claims they cheated emissions testing in many of their diesel vehicles.   Senior managers...
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Why Is It Important To Hold Vehicle Manufacturers Accountable For The Dieselgate Scandal?
In 2020, we launched the My Diesel Claim campaign to hold vehicle manufacturers accountable for their role in the Dieselgate scandal and to make sure that drivers...
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