Class action alert: Prenatal Vitamins

October 5, 2022
Prenatal Vitamins

Pogust Goodhead and our litigation partners have filed suit in Federal Court against multiple brands of Prenatal Vitamins, including Bayer’s One A Day, Target’s Up & Up, Natural Organics’ NaturesPlus, and Nature’s Ways.

We allege that the Prenatal Vitamins manufactured and sold by these companies are underformulated, such that they do not include the amount of folic acid represented on the labels of the products. Additionally, each of the products contains heavy metals, or a risk of inclusion of heavy metals, which are dangerous substances.

This contamination directly contradicts the products’ labels, which state that the vitamins are healthy and promote good health for a mother and fetus.

We allege that our clients and the putative class paid a premium for these Prenatal Vitamin Products in order to gain the benefit of a “clean” supplement that promotes fetal growth.  Unfortunately, our independent testing revealed that the Defendants’ Products include heavy metals and have far less folic acid than what is promised on the labels.

Pogust Goodhead is lead counsel in the class action lawsuit filed against Bayer for its One A Day Prenatal Vitamin in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. We represent two lead plaintiffs and the putative class for the alleged misrepresentations and omissions on Bayer’s Prenatal Vitamin Products.

The case is KHARAEVA et al v. BAYER AG et al., 2:22-cv-00640-PBT.

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