Legal Action Initiated Against Nissan And Renault

June 27, 2020

Our firm has announced today that it is taking legal action against vehicle manufacturers Nissan and Renault, following allegations that illegal emissions defeat devices have been fitted in a number of cars and vans.

Defeat devices are designed to sense when a car is under specific testing conditions, and accordingly turn on emissions controls, allowing the vehicle to falsely pass regulatory checks.

We claim that, as a result of defeat devices, customers who owned or leased a Renault or Nissan car or van between 2009 and 2019 may have been deliberately misled as to the emissions levels produced by their vehicles, and subsequently may have been forced into paying higher maintenance bills and fuel costs, as well as suffering from harmful toxicants in the air.

In acting against Renault and Nissan, the firm will initially try to settle the claim with a pre-action letter and may subsequently seek a Group Litigation Order (GLO) against the manufacturers, seeking compensation for the hundreds of customers affected.

The case follows on from the Volkswagen diesel scandal in the United States, during which the manufacturer admitted that over 11 million cars worldwide, including 8 million in Europe, had been fitted with defeat devices.

If you owned or leased a Renault or Nissan car or van between 2009 and 2019, you may be eligible for compensation. Join the legal action today and hold the vehicle manufacturers to account.

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