MyDieselClaim.Com launched To Support Those Impacted By Dieselgate

April 7, 2021

In response to the growing number of manufacturers under investigation for diesel emissions fraud, Pogust Goodhead has launched a new campaign to support more diesel vehicle drivers than ever before: My Diesel Claim. will offer all diesel car and van owners the opportunity to claim up to £10,000 for their vehicle manufacturer’s part in the Dieselgate scandal.   

Who can claim?

Marques included in the campaign now include: 

If you owned or leased a diesel vehicle between 2009 and 2020, it’s likely that you can join the claim. Head to to check your eligibility instantly. 

A voice for those involved

“We have been fighting to hold certain manufacturers alleged of committing diesel emissions fraud to account for some time now. This issue, however, is widespread across the industry,” Chris Neill, Partner and Chief Legal Officer, said.
“The launch of our new website allows those affected the opportunity to claim their rightful compensation, regardless of who manufactured their vehicle.”
We are committed to giving our clients a voice against multi-national corporations. It’s time that companies were held accountable for their impacts on health, the environment, and for costing customers money.

What is the Dieselgate scandal? 

Since Volkswagen was accused of emissions fraud in 2015, several other car manufacturers have been accused of the same crime after allegedly fitting defeat devices in their vehicles to cheat emissions laws between 2009 and 2020. 

Hundreds of thousands of cars and vans are involved in the Dieselgate scandal, and it is believed that they were producing emissions levels that significantly exceeded laws put in place to protect the public and the environment. 

In the case of Mercedes, it is claimed that each illegal vehicle was producing over 40 times the EU and UK emissions limit. 

Excess emissions have been proven to worsen lung conditions, especially in children, and have adverse effects on the environment, causing smog, ozone, and acid rain.  

My Diesel Claim progress

In May 2022, The Volkswagen Group made a payment totalling £193 million in out of court settlement agreement to UK drivers. Pogust Goodhead represented over 15,000 drivers in the claim. 

Sign up now! 

If you or someone you know drove a diesel vehicle between 2009 and 2020, or still drive one now, it is likely that you are eligible to join our claim. 

Head to to check your eligibility and sign up today. You can also watch our TV advert by clicking here. 

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