July 11, 2023
July 11, 2023

‘The rise of group litigation is not a threat to justice’

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Is the world-famous British legal system drowning under a wave of group litigation? Do these cases limit access to justice, or are they vital for people?

Last month ConservativeHome published an article by Seema Kennedy OBE, criticising group litigation cases in the UK: “Alongside lengthy delays and a substantial backlog of claims, a worrying trend has appeared – a growth in collective action lawsuits,” she said.

Pogust Goodhead’s Partner & Global COO, Alicia Alinia, has published her response to the article in a piece in ConservativeHome titled “The rise of group litigation is not a threat to justice“.

She wrote: “If there are delays to the legal system, that is not because of the growth of group action litigation but the underinvestment in Britain’s legal infrastructure. The legal profession is trying its best despite years of neglect and lack of reform.

“Let’s focus on the real issue – improving access to justice – then making a case consistent with trying to shield large entities from accountability under the guise of consumer harm.”

Alicia’s full article is available to read on the ConeservativeHome website.

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