Over A Million Vehicles Failed MOTs In 2020 Due To Exhaust Emissions

February 4, 2021

A record number of vehicles failed their MOT tests in 2020 due to issues relating to potentially harmful exhaust emissions.

Sources indicate that 1.3 million vehicles were implicated, with diesel cars guilty of the most significant surge in emission failures.

The survey suggests that failures in 2020 increased by more than 70% when compared to pre-2018 when new guidance was offered.

Government guidance

The government has sought to address the issue of excess vehicle emissions, which are proven to be harmful to the environment and to the health of the public.

Within the latest MOT inspection manual, it is suggested that vehicles equipped with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) will automatically fail if there is smoke of any colour being emitted.

DPFs became industry standard for diesel vehicles in 2009, when efforts to comply with Euro 5 emissions standards were put in motion. In 2015, Euro 6 regulations were introduced to further reduce levels of harmful vehicle exhaust emissions in both petrol and diesel vehicles.


News of the diesel emissions fraud scandal (Dieselgate) broke in 2015 when Volkswagen was accused of cheating emissions regulations. Since then, diesel vehicles, in general, have been under scrutiny for producing unlawfully high levels of harmful exhaust emissions.

Since Volkswagen, several vehicle manufacturers have had investigations launched against them in relation to diesel fraud, suggesting the issues are pandemical in nature. Some of the companies in question include: Fiat ChryslerVauxhallNissan Renault, and Mercedes.

Allegations claim that the manufacturers in question fitted illegal defeat devices in their vehicles which help to falsify emissions levels and cheat emissions regulations.

It has been suggested that excess emissions produced by diesel vehicles could have negatively impacted the health of the public and had devastating effects on our already fragile environment.

Pogust Goodhead

We are currently litigating against several manufacturers to hold them accountable for their alleged unlawful actions and seek compensation for consumers subject to the fraudulent misrepresentations.

If you have owned, leased, or financed a diesel vehicle from 2008 up to the present day, you may be eligible to significant compensation for the unlawful actions of these manufacturers.

Head to MyDieselClaim.com to find out more about the claims and how you can claim back up to £20,000 per vehicle.

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