Pogust Goodhead stands with Mercedes clients in court over dieselgate scandal

February 10, 2023

On Thursday 9 February 2023, Pogust Goodhead stood alongside hundreds of thousands of clients as they faced Mercedes, the billion-pound company, to court in the latest legal battle in the dieselgate scandal.

Dieselgate remains one of the biggest corporate scandals in recent history.

Eight years ago, multiple manufacturers were exposed for modifying vehicles to hide the high levels of pollution they would omit so they could cheat the emissions tests.

These modifications were not only cheating the owners but also putting extraordinary levels of pollutants into the air, creating illegal pollution levels and putting the public’s health at risk.

Partner and Lead Lawyer, Peter Gallagher, said: “This is a significant legal milestone in the ongoing fight to seek justice in the ‘Dieselgate scandal’, which has detrimentally affected millions of car owners and created illegal levels of air pollution.

“Emissions are proven to create significant public health problems, with long-term exposure being attributed to cardiovascular disease, respiratory diseases, lung cancer and reduced life expectancy.

“Along with the positive movements made with the first hearing of the Clean Air Bill, we believe this legal case will not only deliver justice for all our clients who were misled by Mercedes, but it will continue to push the dial in the right direction to secure the public’s right to breathing clean air.”

Read more on this via The Independent.

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