Pogust Goodhead wins at the British Legal Technology Awards

November 23, 2023

We are delighted to have won two awards at the British Legal Technology Awards last night for both Technology Venture of the Year and Most Innovative Firm of the Year.

These prestigious awards recognise Pogust Goodhead as driving the future of the delivery of legal services and transforming the competitive landscape, cementing our position as trailblazers in the sector.

Our custom-built Claim Validation Platform helps to provide access to justice for our clients who would have no other means of redress. By using AI and automation models, we have made a real difference by processing millions of claims with no client being turned away.

The portal’s technology, which was built in-house, automates as many steps as possible, from a client signing up to receiving compensation, allowing us to provide justice for as many victims of corporate wrongdoing as possible. We believe that technology will change the scope of the group litigation landscape and vastly improve the often lengthy claim validation process.

Congratulations to our team for your hard work being recognised by Netlaw Media and to Technology Dye & Durham UK and Advanced for sponsoring our winning categories.

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