Serle Court Instructed In Easyjet Data Breach Litigation

June 26, 2020

Our firm has instructed Sophie Holcombe and David Blayney QC of Serle Court in ongoing litigation against the aviation giant easyJet.

In May, the airline announced that it had been subjected to a data theft attack, under which the confidential information of over nine million customers had been breached.  In over 2,000 cases, this included credit card details, alongside email addresses, names and travel itineraries.

One of the UK’s largest data breaches to date, questions have been raised as to the efficacy of the cyber-security measures in place at easyJet, and why the airline chose to notify the UK Information Commissioner’s Office in January, but to delay informing its customers until May.

The Financial Times has recently reported on the easyJet data breach litigation, stating that ‘easyJet could face fines running into tens of millions of pounds for breaching the General Data Protection Regulation’, with firm Managing Partner Tom Goodhead commenting: “This is a monumental data breach and a terrible failure of responsibility that has a serious impact on easyJet’s customers, who are coming forward in their thousands”.

Holcombe and Blayney QC will work closely with our firm to secure a Group Litigation Order against easyJet, and to ensure that customers’ rights to pursue compensation for loss of control of data, given under Article 82 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation, is recognised.

The pair have previously worked with us successfully securing a Group Litigation Order against British Airways, in October of last year.

In wider news, we recently filed a claim Liverpool against Mercedes, in litigation over the use of illegal defeat devices in thousands of cars and vans, designed to cheat emissions regulations tests.

Find out more about the easyJet data breach litigation.

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