Mariana dam disaster aftermath
Court orders BHP CEO to hand over contract as new evidence reveals BHP's true involvement in Mariana dam disaster
A hearing in largest ever class action claim in English courts sees judge order mining giant to release documents it had been refusing to disclose.
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Mariana dam disaster victims in Brazil
Liz Bonnin: This isn’t a story about Brazil – it’s a story about all of us
Last week, The Guardian spoke with Liz Bonnin about Dead River. The new podcast series tells the story of the Mariana dam disaster.
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Liz Bonnin hosts Dead River podcast
Dead River podcast receives critical acclaim
Dead River, a new podcast which tells the story of the Mariana dam disaster, has received critical acclaim.
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Dead River Podcast Artwork
Liz Bonnin hosts Dead River - a new podcast on Mariana dam disaster 
Liz Bonnin hosts a new podcast titled Dead River which shares the story of the Mariana dam disaster.  
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Mariana dam disaster
Mariana dam disaster damages: BHP and Vale ordered to pay billions
A Brazilian judge has ruled that mining companies BHP and Vale must pay billions in damages for the Mariana dam disaster.
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Top 20 cases of 2024 - The Lawyer
Pogust Goodhead included in The Lawyer's Top 20 cases of 2024
The Lawyer has listed our Mariana dam case against BHP as one of the top 20 cases in UK courts this year.
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A cemetery on the Krenak Indigenous Land in Minas Gerais, Brazil.
The Guardian: ‘Mariana survivors face ill health, lost culture and a long wait for justice’ 
This week, The Guardian published a feature on the eighth anniversary of the Mariana dam disaster, delving into the environmental, social and economic...
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8 Year Wait
Eight years on from the Mariana dam disaster
Today marks eight years since the Mariana dam collapsed in Brazil.
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Mariana dam disaster victims speak at BHP annual general meeting
BHP AGM: Mining giant accused of lying and racism by Mariana dam disaster victims
This week, victims of the Mariana dam disaster travelled from Brazil to Australia to confront BHP leadership at the company’s annual general meeting on...
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Pogust Goodhead visits Mariana claimants in Brazil
Earlier this month, the Pogust Goodhead team travelled across Brazil to meet with thousands of individuals, businesses and indigenous communities affected...
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