Hidde Kleijn

Associate | Advocaat (qualified in the Netherlands)

Hidde Kleijn

Associate | Advocaat (qualified in the Netherlands)

After obtaining his bachelor’s and master’s (International Trade and Investment Law; Private Law (commercial practice), cum laude) degrees at the University of Amsterdam, Hidde Kleijn was admitted to the bar in 2020. He spent three years at one of the larger law firms in Amsterdam, where he litigated and advised on corporate and commercial matters, working for a variety of clients ranging from private citizens and small businesses to large corporations and insurance companies. In this role, Hidde gained broad litigation experience, including in proceedings before the Netherlands Commercial Court and Enterprise Chamber. 

During his previous work, it became clear to Hidde that he is especially passionate about representing the interests of people and small businesses whose interests have been harmed by large corporations. For this reason, Hidde decided to join Pogust Goodhead in June 2023. 

Besides his work, Hidde Klejin also coaches students who participate in the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot in Vienna and Hong Kong. 

Hidde is a member of: 

  • The Association for Liability and Compensation law (Vereniging voor Aansprakelijkheids- en Schadevergoedingsrecht)
  • The Association for Young Litigation Lawyers (Vereniging Jonge Procesadvocaten)
  • The Dutch Association for Procedural Law (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Procesrecht)
  • American Association for Justice (AAJ).

Areas of Expertise

Liability law (aansprakelijkheidsrecht)

Civil law

Civil litigation

Collective redress


LL.B., University of Amsterdam
LL.M. International Trade & Investment Law; LL.M. Private Law, University of Amsterdam
Trainee lawyer, Kennedy Van der Laan, Amsterdam 



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