We are Pogust Goodhead: name change and expansion announced by global law firm

August 8, 2022

We are excited to share the news that we will now be known as Pogust Goodhead after a succession of litigation victories.

Following a landmark ruling ensuring mining giant BHP will face their day of reckoning in the English courts over the Mariana dam disaster, the law firm will also be expanding its services in Brazil. 

Pogust Goodhead expansion

With the addition of a new office in Rio de Janeiro, Pogust Goodhead plans to continue spearheading environmental litigation in Brazil and around the world through offices in the Netherlands and the United States.  

The expansion also includes plans for a new legal process outsourcing centre based in Governador Valadares, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to help process and service clients worldwide, bringing over 300 jobs to the area. 

Alongside the expansion into Brazil, the firm is growing its Global Securities Litigation Practice, with a new San Diego office headed up by experienced securities litigator Takeo Kellar. Enhancing this practice area aligns with Pogust Goodhead’s commitment to bringing shareholder engagement and litigation solutions to investors across the world.

The news comes after a series of historic settlements on behalf of 15,000 claimants in the Volkswagen Group Litigation in May 2022 and victims of the British Airways Data Breach in 2021. 

The future of Pogust Goodhead

A partnership and £100m funding deal with North Wall Capital was also recently announced as the largest investment in a UK claimant law firm to date.  

The ongoing investment in Brazil will also see the addition of 20 new Brazilian lawyers in the coming weeks, after a series of UK hires. 

Pogust Goodhead has recently seen the recruitment of C-Suite leader Chief Operating Officer Alicia Alinia, bringing decades of experience in strategic leadership across the business. 

A comment from our Co-Founders

Tom Goodhead, Pogust Goodhead’s Global Managing Partner and CEO said:   

“In the past twelve months, we have successfully concluded group litigations against British Airways, Volkswagen, and, just last month, we secured an extraordinary victory against the largest mining company in the world, BHP.  

“Today, we are moving to the next chapter. As the business continues to grow, it is vital that we make changes to ensure that we have a strong, reliable, and sustainable infrastructure to facilitate our ambitions to transform group litigation globally. 

“Our Brazilian cases have always been the driving force of the firm and with a new office in Rio we hope to build on the great progress we have made with cases against defendants such as BHP and Tuv Sud.  

“Most importantly, we want to ensure our clients are given an even better experience and to ultimately ensure we represent their desire for justice, continuing to fight the good fight across all our litigations.” 

Harris Pogust, Chairman, added: “We are delighted to be building on the successes of recent years in what we feel is the next crucial step for our firm.  I am beyond proud to have my name standing big and bold next to my amazing partner, Tom Goodhead. 

“As we continue to grow the firm, brand recognition becomes an even more important item in our growth.  With this name change we believe the brand Pogust Goodhead will be one of the most recognisable in the legal landscape. 

“There is no law firm out there doing the cutting edge, ground-breaking work of Pogust Goodhead, and these changes will ensure we take things to the next level.  

“We are beyond proud of the talented people we have on board at the firm and the incredible work they do every day, championing justice for our clients.  

“We are only just getting started.” 


Will the name change affect my claim?

No. Your claim will remain the same. The only difference will be that correspondence will now come from Pogust Goodhead instead of PGMBM. All the prestigious lawyers working on the claim will remain the same, and your claim will continue moving forward as it was before.

Is My Diesel Claim a part of Pogust Goodhead?

Yes. We launched My Diesel Claim in 2021, and the name change to Pogust Goodhead will have no impact on this. Our emissions lawyers are working hard behind the scenes to ensure the best possible outcome is reached following the first-of-its-kind UK settlement with VW in May 2022.

Is the claim against BHP in England still going ahead?

Absolutely. Our Brazilian cases have always been the firm’s driving force, and with a new office in Rio, we hope to build on the great progress we have made with cases against defendants such as BHP and Tuv Sud. If you are a client of the Mariana dam disaster claim, we will still be representing you in the litigation.

Do I need to do anything to confirm my status as a Pogust Goodhead client?

No, everything will remain the same. The name change just comes as part of our expansion and recent victories in and out of court. You do not need to action anything, we just wanted to inform you of the exciting news!

If you are a client in the Mariana dam disaster claim, please use the client portal to complete your questionnaire as soon as possible. 

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