In 2018, cracks, sinkholes and earthquakes linked to rock-salt mining activities caused huge damage to streets, houses, and buildings in several neighbourhoods in Maceió, the capital of the State of Alagoas in northeast Brazil.

Since tremors connected with the salt-mining activities started in the area, residents of the Maceió neighbourhoods have reported cracks in buildings and roads, in addition to the emergence of sinkholes. Many residents were forced to leave their homes due to fear that the building may collapse around them.

A report by the Brazilian geological service released in May 2019,  blamed nearby salt mining by the Braskem Group, the largest petrochemical company in Brazil, for damage to the structural integrity of the property in Maceió.

Pogust Goodhead is representing thousands of victims still waiting to be compensated for damages and are now taking their legal battle to the Dutch courts to achieve appropriate redress for the impact that the operations of Braskem have had on their lives in Maceió. 

In September 2022, the Dutch courts rejected Braskem’s arguments against jurisdiction, meaning the case will now be heard in the Netherlands, where the company has its European headquarters.

Pogust Goodhead is seeking to hold the Braskem Group accountable for the continued damages caused by their actions.

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