Group litigation order granted in Fiat Chrysler and Suzuki emissions case

December 19, 2023

We are pleased to share that the High Court has ruled that global car manufacturers Fiat Chrysler and Suzuki will face legal action over their role in the emissions scandal.

On December 18, the High Court granted a group litigation order (GLO). This means all of the existing claims will be consolidated and managed by the Court together.

We were successful in pursuing the outstanding points in dispute. This brings us one step closer to reaching a successful conclusion in the case.

Fiat Chrysler Suzuki emissions defeat devices

Fiat Chrysler and Suzuki have been accused of fitting their vehicles with prohibited “defeat devices”.

These devices cause vehicles to emit far higher levels of harmful NOx pollution when driven normally than when tested for regulatory approval.

Fiat Chrysler and Suzuki follows Mercedes, BMW and Ford in facing legal action as part of the “Dieselgate” scandal. Other manufacturers are expected to follow in the new year. We are representing clients in each of the Dieselgate cases, and secured a landmark settlement in the Volkswagen NOx Emissions Group Litigation last year.

Pogust Goodhead comment on Ford Chrysler and Suzuki emissions case

“We are delighted that we have secured this victory for our clients. We look forward to pushing on with the case.

“The excessive emissions produced by these illegal defeat devices have harmed people’s health. They placed a huge burden on our health services, and damaged the economy.

“The companies that caused the problem have spent vast sums on cultivating a public image that is a far cry from their behaviour over this scandal. They should do the right thing now and compensate our clients.

“This case importantly draws consumers’ and investors’ attention to the poor behaviour of Fiat Chrysler and Suzuki. For too long they have escaped public attention and kept their involvement in Dieselgate out of the media.”Pete Gallagher, Partner

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