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Safeguards to be developed for gender identity treatment of children and young people in Scotland
NHS Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) have been ordered by the Scottish Government to report on the service provided at Sandyford clinic for the treatment...
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The progress of the Injectafer claim in the US
Pogust Goodhead continues to fight for individuals who have been injured by the iron deficiency anemia drug, Injectafer. Injectafer was brought to the...
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French National Assembly an Law statue in Paris
France’s baby steps towards becoming a group litigation forum – the 'Sanofi' ruling (5th January 2022 - N°RG 17/07001)
On 5 January 2022, the Paris Judicial Tribunal (Tribunal Judiciaire de Paris)[1] ruled for the first time since group actions were introduced into French...
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EV Car or Electric vehicle at charging station with the power cable supply plugged in on blurred nature with blue energy power effect. Eco-friendly sustainable energy concept
Electric vehicles to the rescue?
Emissions from internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEVs) – i.e. those powered by diesel and petrol – contribute significantly to climate...
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Bangkok. Thailand
Case snapshot of the Lloyd v Google Supreme Court judgment
In the high-profile case of Lloyd v Google LLC [2021] UKSC 50, the Supreme Court handed down its final judgment in November 2021. Following a two-day...
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Hotel Quarantine Judicial Review: What Are The Grounds For Seeking Review?
As we mentioned in our previous update, the Hotel Quarantine Judicial Review is very important to us as a firm because of our passion for championing justice...
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Primodos: Firms And Government Face Legal Action Over Claims Pregnancy Drug ‘Damaged Babies
Primodos was a hormone-based pregnancy test, manufactured by Schering, now Bayer PLC, first made available for sale in the UK in 1956 and was withdrawn...
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Women Sounded Alarm On Essure Birth Control Device
Essure, manufactured by Bayer HealthCare, is the only non-surgical permanent form of birth control for women in the UK. Made of a metal coil and plastic...
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