Pogust Goodhead hosts International Women’s Day panel

March 8, 2024
International Women’s Day 2024: Panel Discussion

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Pogust Goodhead Women’s Network hosted a panel discussion. Featuring leading female voices in business and law, the group discussed experiences, challenges and opportunities for growth for women in the legal industry and beyond.

The panel was chaired by Alicia Alinia, Pogust Goodhead’s Partner, Chief Operating Officer and founder of the Women’s Network.

The panel was comprised of:

  • Graziela Cajado-Ogland, Consultant and Leadership Coach to leading female executives,
  • Ayse Yazir, Global Head of Origination at Bench Walk Advisors Ltd
  • Elena Sabinina Rey, Partner at Brown Rudnick LLP

Joining them on the panel from Pogust Goodhead were:

Our panellists covered a wide range of topics, from experiences of gender bias in the workplace and encouraging representation in the legal field, through to managing the unique challenges of work/life balance as a woman in the workplace.

Here are a few of the key takeaways from some of our panellists:

Ana Carolina Salamão Queiroz:

“Challenging stereotypes is difficult, but it pays off. One piece of advice I have for younger women in the workplace is to never be afraid to step forward, put the fear of failure behind you and pilot your own life. Feel the fear and do it anyway.”

Alicia Alinia:

“For a lot of women, it’s the hesitation that holds us back. You have to constantly teach yourself to keep going without that hesitation and not be afraid to take up space. Supress the voice in your heard that says you shouldn’t speak up and be confident in your contribution.”

Graziela Cajado-Ogland:

“As women, it’s important that we focus on our strengths and what we bring to the table. Studies state that around 70% of us have experienced imposter syndrome at some point in our lives, the important thing is how we respond to it. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone – speak up in the meeting, ask the question, make that challenge. This is what helps you grow.”

A special thanks to all our panellists and contributors for an insightful and inspiring evening celebrating International Women’s Day. We look forward to many more Women’s Network events and creating spaces where women in law can feel supported, equipped and empowered. 

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