Thousands of women in the UK have been fitted with an Essure implant, but it has left many users in chronic pain and needing surgery. Pogust Goodhead is running the Essure claim to help women claim compensation and receive the justice they deserve. 

What is Essure?

Essure is an implant device manufactured by the multinational pharmaceutical company, Bayer. It was marketed as a form of permanent birth control for women,

The implant, which was available on the NHS and administered in just 15 minutes in GP surgeries or hospitals, was offered as the only non-surgical form of permanent birth control for women in the UK. 

However, the implant has left many users in chronic pain, experiencing abnormal bleeding, perforated organs, and, in some cases, necessitating multiple surgeries, including hysterectomies.

Essure worldwide

Despite being marketed worldwide, there are no official figures released by Bayer on how many women have had an Essure device implanted. Unofficial estimates are 750,000 women in at least 23 countries. 

In Brazil, around 8,000 women were fitted with Essure in public hospitals. Over 400 of them are represented by Pogust Goodhead and seek fair compensation for damages.

Although Bayer has agreed to pay $1.6bn in settlements to 39,000 women affected in the United States, it still denies liability in other countries, including Brazil, the UK, and the Netherlands, and continues to defend the safety and the efficacy of the device, not recognising the health issues caused by it.

How is Pogust Goodhead helping women?

Pogust Goodhead is seeking to hold Bayer Healthcare to account for their failure on behalf of thousands of women affected.

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Essure in the news

After the group litigation order (GLO) was granted in the UK Courts on 5 September 2023, the case picked up significant traction in the media. 

Our COO and Partner, Alicia Alinia, was on BBC news, and our Partner and leading lawyer on the case, Lisa Lunt, spoke on Newsnight. 

You can view all the latest media coverage here.

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